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									by: George M Noceti

Are you a victim of any credit card fraud or identity theft? Then you definitely need an enhanced
defense from those menaces. You can get superior security from
http://www.gotocreditreport.com. Actually, those financial offenses take place due to the lack of
knowledge of your personal credit status. But, with GotoCreditReport.com , you will get an in-
depth analysis of your personal credit with speed and accuracy. Thanks to our comprehensive
credit service, we will relieve you from credit worries.

A credit report comprises different information. All the information mentioned in your credit
report is very important. For example, there will be some identifying information like your name,
address, Social Security number, date of birth and employment information. We will make sure
that your personal identifying information doesn't get into wrong hands. Then a credit report will
consist of your trade lines i.e. your credit accounts. The type of account i.e. mortgage, bankcard,
auto loan etc, the date you opened the account, your credit limit or loan amount, your payment
history and the account balance - all will be mentioned in the credit report. Lenders will give you
loan on the basis of your credit report. So, any illegal or surreptitious access to your credit report
will wreck havoc to your credit scores and your creditworthiness. So, play safe, opt for a credit
service from http://www.gotopatches.com.

The fate of your loan application by and large depends on the credit report. So, if your credit
report contains some blots or bad credit information, then obtaining loan will become far more
difficult. As a matter of fact credit inquiries, credit rejections, late payments, past due and unpaid
payments, court judgments, collections, loan defaults, repossession, foreclosure and bankruptcy
are the ten worst things that people always try to avoid in credit report. That negative
information, once inside in your credit report, will stay on your credit file for anywhere from 3 to
7 years and will make your life miserable. But, to rectify your credit reports, don't opt for any
credit repair agency. They may do more harm than good. Actually promising you a new credit
identity, they will force you to shell out hefty consultation fees. And ultimate they won't be able
to provide you that elusive fresh credit identity. So, stay away from those temptations and think
wisely. In no way can they get a new credit identity for you. You just can't remove all those
errors almost instantly. It's a systematic and time-consuming affair. And you should consult with
the experts who have enormous experience in handling credit reports of varied specification. In
other words, simply opt for http://www.gotocreditreport.com. Let us take care of your credit

At GotoCreditReport.com , we will leave no stone unturned to rectify those errors in your credit
report. We follow a simple yet effective strategy. We will challenge the accuracy and
completeness of your existing credit report before the credit bureau. Sometimes it may so happen
that the bad credit information becomes too old to be mentioned in the credit report. At that time,
we can help you restructure your credit report in your favor. We simply send the ball to the credit
bureau's court. Now, it's up to the credit bureau to take action. If credit bureau fails to verify the
items within 30 business days, you have won. The Fair Credit Reporting Act enables you to
remove those items from your credit report.
Like credit report, the importance of a good credit score can't also be undermined. The credit
score will give an indication of your future credit risk. But to make your credit report eligible to
be counted for credit score, your credit report should have at least one account that is six-month-
old. That signifies that your credit report is in great shape and up-to-date.

There are multiple benefits of having great credit scores. An outstanding credit score is the
stepping-stone to become eligible for getting loans. Actually, before lending money to any loan
seeker, the lender would like to take a quick and objective measurement of the credit risk of the
person concerned. And thanks to the credit score system, credit granting process has become

As credit scores have enabled lenders take credit decisions swiftly. So, if your credit report has
some rough edges, patch up them with our credit service. Redefine your creditworthiness with

This article was posted on December 09, 2004

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