Revere High School Volunteer Program

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					             Revere High School Volunteer Program

The Volunteer Program offers high school students volunteer
opportunities and credit for community service. As the
Volunteer Office is made aware of community or agency needs for
student volunteers, announcements are posted on the volunteer
bulletin board and read on the morning announcements. For every
thirty hours of volunteer service a student may earn .25 credit.
Hours are accepted from the summer before ninth grade through
the senior year. A total of one credit (120 hours) can be
accumulated toward an elective credit. If more than 120 hours are
submitted throughout a student’s high school career, additional
credits will be issued. To have volunteer hours recorded,
verification forms must be submitted to Mrs. Bard, Volunteer
Coordinator, in room 119. The community service hours are
calculated in May and credit is entered on the student’s transcript.
Please contact Mrs. Bard regarding questions or concerns, 330-
523-3229 or