With or Without Motorcycle Windscreens

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					by: Maricon Williams

There is an extant argument about windscreens. Some riders are against the idea of having them
in their motorcycles. On the other hand, there are riders who appreciate the importance of having
these motorcycle accessories.

Which perspective are we going to consider? Are we going to travel with or without motorcycle

Most riders are not used to riding with windscreen on their bikes. This is because they find it a
barrier in riding. At times, this can be truthful. In fact, when you travel at nighttime, you will
probably have difficulty in seeing through the windscreen because the reflections of dash lights
are reflected back at you. Aside from being a hindrance, motorcyclists are finding it injurious in
cases of accident where the head can be forced down by it.

The most probable target is the eyes since its the closest sensitive part to the windscreens. Just
the thought of having your eyes injured is dreadful. This is why we have fewer and fewer riders
having windscreens around.

Windscreens make us feel dizzy especially when there is poor visibility and wrong angle. What
makes them more detesting is the fact that it hinders you. So we think that it will probably be
better if we dont have it at all.

The other fraction of riders is in support of having windscreens. I for one, like having them with
me during long rides especially when it is very windy and the possibility of being destructed by
rain, wind, bugs, insects, dust as well as lights glare.

A number of riders have same habit as mine. They also want to keep away from the aforesaid
riding destruction so they treat their windscreens as their buddies.

The question now is: Is bigger always better? Nowadays, trend must have made obvious the
bigger and bigger windscreens. These larger-than-life windscreens look good. However, looks
are not the only basis why we want them in. In fact, we also consider wind resistance. And wind
resistance is not only where the wind will hit. There is also resistance caused by the vacuum just
behind the windscreen. Thus, the faster the bike run and the bigger the windscreen you have, the
more weight you take off the bikes front tire. This results to poor traction or function of weight.
The bike becomes slow and steering becomes unworkable. Another drawback is that larger
widescreen sweep around riders grips. Now, decide. Are you going to make a compromise?

This article was posted on November 12, 2005

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