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									MBA resume format

There are plenty of "how to" guides on writing a resume, but very few address the
issue of what the format for a resume reference page should look like. A reference
page is a critical part of the resume/job search process. Notice I stated, "reference
page" as your references should be placed on separate page rather than in your

DON'T place your references in your resume - that is not the proper format!

The first step in learning how to put references in a resume is don't put them in it...

Create a separate sheet and use a resume reference sample page as a guide.

The standard in the "Job Search" world is:

       3 Professional References
       3 Personal References

If you stick to this standard you should be more than prepared for any inquiry from

The format for a resume reference page is a simple layout with no extra fluff. Stay
away from trying to sell yourself to the employer - just give them the facts.

Your Professional References should be listed as follows:


Job Title



Phone Number

Email Address

William J. Myar

Corporate Accounts Manager

Inglewood Production, Inc

444 East Steel Road

Joliet, Illinois 12345
(123) 456-7890

Email address

List your Personal References as follows:



Phone Number

Email Address

Steven L. Pinkerton

321 Jenkins Avenue

Milan, Illinois 12345

(123) 456-7890

Email address

Don't forget to contact your references prior to placing them on your list. This keeps
your references from being blindsided by the employer and allows them some time to
prepare for the call.

Another good idea is to send them a copy of your resume so they can get an idea of
your qualifications.

The Format for a Resume Reference Page is no more than one page and creates a
convenient way for you to respond to reference inquiries from employers.

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