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Vehicle Transport


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									by: Peter Lenkefi

There are a great number of reasons why you might be considering vehicle transport instead of
simply driving your car or riding your motorcycle. Perhaps you¡¯re a vintage car collector or you
have an antique motorcycle that¡¯s worth a lot of money, or maybe you just want to transport
your vehicle from one end of the country to the other and would rather not spend a week driving
or riding. Regardless of why you are looking into vehicle transport there are a number of factors
you need to know before entrusting your vehicle into the capable hands of the transport

The different methods of vehicle transport.

There are basically three ways to transport a car from one point to another; ship, rail or lorry.
Each way has its advantages and depending on the circumstances you will need to choose the
correct method. The distance you want to transport your car will be the main determining factor
that determines which of these methods you decide on. Transporting your car by ship is ideal for
transporting from one country to another and with the increase in the number of imported cars
this is becoming an increasingly popular choice.

Many transport companies who are moving your vehicle between two locations in the same
country will do so using an open vehicle transporter similar to those used when taking new cars
to the showroom, however if you have a very old car or a particularly rare one and you don¡¯t
want it to have to face the elements then you shouldn¡¯t have any difficulties finding a company
that will offer you the same service in a closed transporter, thus avoiding the potential damage
that not only the wind and rain can do, but also loose chippings that fly up when on the road.

The insurance implications of vehicle transport.

As with any type of purchase you should always shop around to make sure you are not only
getting the best deal but are getting everything you need from the company you use. For instance
many shipping companies will only offer a very minimal level of insurance and if you are
shipping an extremely valuable car from one side of America to the other you will undoubtedly
want a little extra cover to give you that peace of mind.

The most important aspect of selecting a company to deal with your vehicle transport.

The most important thing is to read through the terms and conditions from the company you
intend to deal with. Check whether the deposit is refundable, if they will deliver to your door or
nearest terminal and hunt for hidden fees and charges. If you do this and you know exactly what
to expect you want get any nasty surprises that are sometimes associated with vehicle transport.

This article was posted on August 17, 2005

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