The Victory of Toyota Prius

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					by: Mark Clarkson

Have you heard of the latest news about Toyota? Another Toyota car model has proven that
Toyota is still the ranging number one car brand. Last April 30, the Toyota Car Company was
proud to release the news about the Toyota Prius. This particular hybrid car model has reached
enormous global sales of 504,700 units in a year. The hard works and efforts of Toyota Car
Corporation finally are paying off.

The Toyota Prius was released in Japan early of 1997. And every year since 2000, the production
was only 12,000 units. In 2003, they released the completely redesigned version of the Toyota
Prius in the United States. More than 100,000 units where produced in 2005 for the United States
market only. A gigantic 250,000 US sales was noted in May 2006.

To give its consumers the satisfaction they deserve, Toyota Car Corporation will be advancing
its research to develop more quality and durable cars including Toyota Prius auto parts and
accessories like lights and bumpers. They will also discover new ideas in building plug-in
hybrids for the next generation vehicle which would be having an extended range capacity to use
the electric drive only. They are also planning to double the production of hybrid models by
early 2010.

Toyota is also environment-friendly as they plan to introduce flex-fuel vehicles to the Brazilian
market in the spring of 2007. Fuel-flex vehicles are using 100% ethanol instead of using gas.
Ethanol fuel is commonly used in the Brazilian market instead of gasoline. It is mixed with
gasoline in varying quantities to reduce the usage of petroleum fuels. It is beneficial to humans
because it reduces air pollution. However, it can be a little rough to car users because ethanol
fuel is quite expensive. But, with its benefits, it is worth the price.

Toyota has made a positive reputation being a consistent high ranking car brand in the United
States. Prius’ victory was never new to Toyota as they are aware of its excellence. Toyota is
expecting more sales these coming years. And with the impressive sales result, car enthusiasts
must expect more quality cars from Toyota Car Corporation. Applause for Toyota!

This article was posted on August 22, 2006