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                          The Care Expert
                                                              Flu vaccine will target both
                          Sherrie Dornberger, RNC,
                          CDONA, FACDONA
                          President, NADONA                   seasonal and H1N1 strains
                                                              By James M. Berklan                                                  advised to receive flu shots as
        In order to observe a homelike envi-                  Providers may cut by half the                                        soon as they are available.
        ronment and resident dignity, we                      injections they administer to                                           Each year, influenza infec-
        are not supposed to assist wearing                    protect residents against the                                        tion leads to 200,000 hospi-
                                                              flu this fall and winter. The                                        talizations and 36,000 deaths,

                                                                                                                                 Photo: iStockphoto
        gloves. But if we are one-on-one with
        a resident and bread needs to be                      U.S. Food and Drug Admin-                                            most of them affecting seniors
        buttered, should we wear gloves?                      istration has approved a new                                         and those with chronic health
                                                              influenza vaccine that protects                                       conditions.
        This question is one that everyone                    against the H1N1 2009 pan-          Caregivers could be vaccinating     The upcoming season’s
        seems to be struggling with. You need                 demic virus, as well as two         more individuals yet administer- influenza vaccines will include
                                                                                                  ing fewer needlesticks this flu
        to put on deli gloves, use food handling              seasonal strains of the flu.         season.
                                                                                                                                   the following: Afluria (CSL
        paper—like those used in bakeries to                     Last flu season, separate                                         Limited), Agriflu (Novartis
        pick up individual donuts or cookies—                 shots had to be administered           New flu guidelines take Vaccines and Diagnostics),
        or use the “knife/fork it” method,                    to cover both seasonal and          effect this season, which Fluarix (GlaxoSmithKline
        where you use a knife and fork to pick                H1N1 flu.                            should increase the number Biologicals), FluLaval (Glaxo-
        up food items to hand it to the resident                 Roughly 155 million flu          of Americans who will receive SmithKline Biologicals), Flu-
        if they can’t pick items up alone.                    shots and sprays will be dis-       a flu shot. The CDC now rec- Mist (MedImmune Vaccines
            This method is the personal favorite              tributed in the U.S. during the     ommends that everyone over Inc.), Fluvirin (Novartis Vac-
        of some infection control nurses when                 coming flu season, according         the age of six months receive cines and Diagnostics Ltd.)
        it comes to feeding residents. It is                  to the Centers for Disease Con-     the vaccine.                     and Fluzone/Fluzone High-
        tricky to get used to but works well and              trol and Prevention.                   Healthcare workers are Dose (Sanofi Pasteur Inc.). ■
        cuts down on the number of gloves

                                                              Post-stroke falls are hard to avoid: study
        needed while assisting in the dining
        rooms. After all, we don’t wear gloves in
        our own homes.
            Food code regulations require that                By James M. Berklan                 D supplementation was a con-                        been determined,” Batchelor
        gloves be worn when preparing and                     Strategies t
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