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                                                                             Providers see FMAP measure
      Cynthia Morton
      Executive VP,
                                                                             as welcome but temporary fix
                                                                             By Liza Berger                                                          of the National Investment
      Q: You’re just starting as leader of    After a hard-fought battle in                                                                          Center for the Seniors Hous-
                                              Congress, states finally received                                                                       ing & Care Industry. “But it’s
      the National Association for the
                                              a much-sought extension of                                                                             a temporary fix.”
      Support of Long Term Care. What do
                                              federal Medicaid funding.                                                                                 The funding comes as gov-
      you want your “legacy” to be when
                                                 The package, which Con-                                                                             ernors have been pressured to

                                                                                                                                                Photo: Office of Rep. Cao
      you leave the position?                 gress passed last month, will                                                                          freeze or cut Medicaid reim-
      A: Where I hope to make a mark is       extend the increase in the                                                                             bursements. This funding
      empowering our members to advocate federal medical assistance                                                                                  should help alleviate some of
      for themselves. I want to be an aggres- percentage (FMAP) by 3.2%                                                                              this concern. But it’s unclear
                                              from January through March,                                        Rep. Anh Cao (R-LA) is one of only whether states’ situations will
      sive and assertive advocate. We want to                                                                    two Republican congressmen who turn around by next year.
                                              and 1.2% from April to June.
      work aggressively with our partners.                                                                       voted for the bill.
                                              The current FMAP increase,                                                                                Once the states actually
                                              which will expire at the end of                                    expressed reservations.             receive the money, governors
      Q: What’s the toughest upcoming         the year, is 6.2%. The FMAP                                           “From the perspective of have to allocate it. While nurs-
      challenge?                              is the percentage rate used to                                     the states and their Medicaid ing homes’ share of the funding
                                              determine the federal match                                        budgets and its impact on the is not guaranteed, the FMAP
      A: Advocating for members when fund-
                                              rate for Medicaid.                                                 skilled nursing sector, it’s a plus extension places facilities in
      ing could be decreasing or staying the
                                                 The long-term care commu-                                       without a question,” comment- a stronger position to lobby
      same—and at a time when the needs       nity hailed the move but also                                      ed Robert Kramer, president against cuts, Kramer said. ■
      within long-term care and post-acute
      care are increasing. We need to spend

                                                                             MedPAC: RUG-IV to bring therapy overuse
      more money, for instance, on IT to save
      dollars down the road.

      Q: What will be hardest for you?                                       By Liza Berger                      viders will have an incentive                             the offering of such services less
                                                                             There is a potential for therapy    to furnish these services for                             attractive, it does not plan to do
      A: The biggest 
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