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                                                                                                                                                 McKnight’s Long-Term Care News

      Hype surrounds CMS set to move on                                                                                                                  GOLD AWARD
                                                                                                                                                    Best News Section, 2010
      new superbug
      By Brett Bakshis
      Concerns over a new superbug
                                                                 interim RUG-IV plan                                                             At Deadline
      that is widespread in India may
      be overblown.                                                                                                                              » Members of the Ameri-
         The new superbug, NDM-1,                                                                                                                can Association of Homes
      may not be more dangerous than                                                                                                             and Services for the Aging fol-
      the widely known methicillin-                                                                                                              lowed their executive board’s
      resistant Staphylococcus aureus                                                                                                            lead and voted to approve
      (MRSA) bacteria or other antibi-                                                                                                           the group’s name change to
      otic-resistant drugs.                                                                                                                      LeadingAge. The vote was
         There have not been new cases                                                                                                           85% for and 15% against. The
      involving NDM-1 in the United                                                                                                              new name will officially take
      States since an initial health                                                                                                             effect early next year.
      warning in June, the Centers for
      Disease Control and Prevention                                                                                                             » Joint Commission
      said. The bug also is susceptible                                                                                                          Resources launched its third
      to older antibiotics.                                                                                                                      annual “Flu Vaccination
         Antibiotic overuse in India is                                                                                                          Challenge” in mid-August.
      believed to have contributed to the                                                                                                        The initiative will recognize
      bacteria’s built-up resistance. n                          CMS Administrator Don Berwick (facing front) will oversee a skilled nursing     healthcare facilities that
                                                                 payment system that will be more complicated than first planned.                achieve worker vaccination
                                                                 Liza Berger                             been hoping Congress would pass         rates of 75% or more. JCR is
                                                                 At press time, the Centers for          a measure restoring the start date of   a not-for-profit affiliate of The
                                                                 Medicare & Medicaid Services was        RUG-IV to next month. However,          Joint Commission.
                                                                 preparing, to implement its interim     only the House had passed a bill
                                                                 Resource Utilization Group-Ver-         repealing the delay of RUG-IV at        » A new report in Health
                                            Photo: iStockphoto

                                                                 sion 4 (RUG-IV) system Oct. 1.          press time. The Senate had not yet      Affairs finds that the Medicare
                                                                    The plan involves starting           voted on it.                            system doesn’t work as well
                                                                 RUG-IV, a case-mix classification          The Minimum Data Set-Version         for 8 million younger disabled
      Seniors are using more antibiotics.                        system, while the agency prepares       3 (MDS 3.0), a resident assessment      beneficiaries, who have more
                                                                 a hybrid RUG-III payment system.        tool, is still scheduled to begin       difficulty with costs and
      Part D spurring                                            Then in October 2011, the full
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