Endeca to Build First Digitized Presidential Archives by ProQuest


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									                                                                                               COMPUTERS IN LIBRARIES
                                                                                                                    news desk

                                   Endeca to Build First Digitized                     Denver Library
                                   Presidential Archives                               Selects Polaris ILS
                                        The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library          The Denver Public Li-
                                     and Museum and the John F. Kennedy Library        brary selected Polaris to be-
                                     Foundation, which are committed to construct-     come its new ILS, replacing
                                     ing the first online digitized presidential       the library’s old CARL sys-
                                     archive, will undertake the project with assis-   tem. The Denver Public Li-
                                     tance from Endeca Technologies, Inc. Endeca       brary, founded in 1889, is a
will provide the technical and software assistance required to establish search ca-    high-volume urban library
pabilities at the archives’ website.                                                   system, with 23 branches
    The online archives, consisting of historical documents and images associated      serving 4 million visitors and
with the presidency of John F. Kennedy (JFK), would be made accessible to global       lending 9 million items in
citizens, students, and scholars via a portal in the Kennedy Library website.          2009. Online traffic was even
    The project was first announced in 2006 by JFK’s brother, the late Sen. Edward     more brisk, with 52 million
Kennedy, who detailed a partnership between the library and the National Archives      online transactions. Almost
and Records Administration (NARA) to build a digital archive.                          80% of Denver’s 610,000 res-
                                                                                       idents have library cards,
                                                                                       and the Denver Public Li-
                                                                                       brary was ranked as one of
SLA, Dow Jones Examine Effects of Business Misinformation                              the HAPLR Index’s top 10
   According to a survey conducted by the Special Libraries Association (SLA) and      large urban libraries.
Dow Jones, 41% of researchers believe that business decisions based on poor in-
formation from the internet are becoming a major problem. The survey concludes
that this can lead to negative decisions and missed business opportunities.
   The survey reached out to 177 research professionals, knowledge workers, and
journalists from a variety of fields. According to the survey results, respondents
believed that opinion being passed off as fact was the most pernicious and wide-
spread form of misinformation on 
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