Learning by Watching 2.0 Community Builders

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                                                                                                      by terence k. huwe
                                                                                                               Director of Library and Information Resources
                                                                                                            Institute for Research on Labor and Employment
                                                                                                                            University of California–Berkeley

                                                                   Learning by Watching 2.0
                                                                       Community Builders

             RATHER THAN                      It’s been interesting to note that even as the   with the new media. The best way to do so is
                                          most popular social media tools have become          by examining what is going on in other fields
                                          household names, those very same tools are           and assessing whether similar approaches will
                                          now finding themselves criticized or even triv-      work in our corner of the world.
                                          ialized in the press. A prime example is Face-           Thankfully, we’ve been pretty busy al-
                   WHAT THE               book’s public agony over privacy controls and        ready, as the articles in this issue of CIL il-
                                          its resulting corporate “spin” to save face. It      lustrate. There is much creativity at work on
             INFORMATION                  would appear that the buzz of early adoption         the ground, and our finest innovators are us-
                                          has gained a parallel effect in the media: re-       ing social media to their advantage. But as I
                                          active criticism. The new counter-buzz is writ-      said before, I do believe that it’s vital to keep
                                          ten by knowledgeable commentators inhabit-           an eye on other industries to see how social
                                          ing the technology pages of major newspapers         media are changing relationships with vari-
                 ARE DOING                and web outlets, and they are battle-hardened        ous types of customers. I also think we bene-
                                          in response to the pace of change. On balance        fit when we can apply a strategy that works
              WITH SOCIAL                 I view the new, tough criticism of social net-       in other industries, particularly when we ex-
                                          working as a sign of early maturity in the field:    ercise collective and collaborative thinking.
                                          If you love something enough to try it, chances      So rather than explore what the information
         MEDIA, I’VE BEEN
                                          are you will soon be bold enough to clamor for       professions are doing with social media, I’ve
                                          more of the good and less of the bad.                been looking at what others are doing—and
               LOOKING AT                     Throughout late 2009 and 2010, we’ve seen        here are some of my favorite “picks.”
                                          well-reasoned backlashes against the 24/7
            WHAT OTHERS                   news cycle and serious intellectual challenges
                                                                                               Follow That Cart
                                          to the value of constant texting, Twittering, and
                                          the sharing of one’s exact geographic position.          The city of Los Angeles is famous for many
              ARE DOING—
Description: Viral advertising via Twitter really does work, if you have the goods people want. Since it works, research libraries and info pros may use Twitter as a new gateway to niche populations. [...] we need to promote something of true value, whether that means research support, current news, or forming communities of practice.
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