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									                               MANAGING IN THE MILLENNIUM

Changing the moonlighting bulb
                             M           aybe I’m out of touch with mod-
                                         ern law enforcement, but back
                              in my day, most cops I knew worked extra
                                                                              of regulations for working extra jobs came
                                                                              along. I think mostly it was to ensure that
                                                                              officers didn’t work so many hours they
                              jobs to make ends meet. In fact, I don’t        were burned out by the time they hit the
                              think I knew a cop other than the top           streets. And they set up an a pproval pro-
                              brass who didn’t moonlight.                     cess for moonlighting gigs.
                                  Many of the officers with whom I               Both ideas are sound. I don’t know
                              served actually had businesses they ran         about you, but I didn’t want some guy
                              when they were off-duty. They painted           who’d been working so many hours he was
                              houses, laid tile floors, installed carpet,     punch-drunk standing behind me with
                              detailed cars — most supplemented the           a loaded gun while we were searching a
Carole Moore                  pretty lousy pay. Health insurance premi-       dark building. And the approval process
                              ums often took a third of the take-home;        kept officers from making errors of judg-
                              we needed every penny we could earn.            ment that could come back to haunt them.
                                  Some of us had regular security work —      Since we were allowed to use our badges,
 The city didn’t              I supplemented mall security on the w eek-      weapons and uniforms when appropriate
 really interfere             ends, getting a grand total of about $7 an
                              hour for my efforts — and we all grabbed
                                                                              while working these extra jobs, the city had
                                                                              the right to dictate the terms of our use. I
     with our                 those extra opportunities that came along.      never heard anyone complain about it.
                              I can remember once as a detective being           Recently, the Miami-Dade Police
  moonlighting                hired to babysit a house full of expensive      Department conducted an audit into side
    or put any        
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