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									By Douglas Page

     for          sore eyes

                 Novel gun
                 accessory                 A         s any expert marksman
                                                     who spends much time
                                           around a rifle range knows, lining
                                                                                  velocity and direction are calculated
                                                                                  correctly, even if ambient tempera-
                                                                                  ture and mirage factors are consid-
             provides relief               up a shot longer than a fe w tens of   ered, and even if one doesn’t get the
         from the limits of                meters with a scopeless weapon is      yips when the trigger is eventually
            the human eye                  easier says than done. Even if wind    squeezed, chances are the shot

32   Law Enforcement Technology   ■   August 2010   ■
          for sore         eyes
won’t come close to the b ull’s-eye         providing a single miniature optical         domestic law enforcement and
all that often. The reason is not in        element that greatly improves the            national security implications,
the wind. The reason is hidden in           speed of target acquisition and              since it could improve both firearm
the physiologic limits of human             hit probability.                             safety and performance by provid-
eye sight.                                     “MicroSight is an innovative              ing an enhanced sight picture —
    Sharpshooters, including police         gun sight technology that seeming-           important considerations for police
SWAT officers, combat infantry              ly transcends the laws of physics by         marksmen and combat snipers —
soldiers, and even weekend target           simultaneously imaging two objects           where the ability to quickly acquire
shooters, need clear, simultaneous          at different focal distances,” says          a target and deliver accurate fire
views of two separate objects, one          INL mechanical engineer David                is imperative.
near and one far — the ir on sight          Crandall, who developed                          Weekend target shooters and the
at the end of the rifle barrel and          the technology.                              occasional game hunter may also
the target off in the distance.                The new sight could have                  benefit; every year, far too many
    The trouble is, the human eye                                                        people die after they are accidently
is incapable of focusing on both                                                         shot by hunters who fail to
objects at the same time. This can                                                       properly identify their target. In
be easily illustrated by a simple                                                        the United States alone there are
experiment. If you point at an                                                           more than 35 million hunters and
object across t
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