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					             ON THE RUN with Troy Coughlin Jr.

Surrounded by a wealth of knowledge, Coughlin continues to figure out the game of drag racing

      ast November, I earned my first                  Somehow, I’ve always remembered that              points, and I don’t have to tell you how much it
      NHRA Wally in Las Vegas when I                quote, and the more I race, the more I realize       would mean to me and to our whole family if I
                                                    that Sherman was absolutely correct. On some         could qualify for that race next summer. I
      won the Super Comp title in my                runs, you decide to take the finish line because     realize there is a long way to go, but that would dragster, and anyone who knows             you believe you’ll be safe and end up on a           certainly be one of my main goals for the next
me will tell you that it was the highlight of       breakout. Other times, you decide to let your        11 months.
                                                    opponent have the stripe only to find out that           In my quest to become a better racer and
my young life.                                      he’s above the index, and you gave away a            learn as much as I can about driving, racing,
    Growing up Coughlin — that is, a member         round that you might otherwise have won. To          and winning, I am lucky because I have a not-
of a large family that eats, sleeps, and breathes   me, it’s all part of the learning process that       so-secret weapon: My uncle, Jeg, sits right
drag racing — there was never any doubt that        makes a championship-winning driver, and             down the hall from me at JEGS Mail Order,
I’d also grow up to be a racer. I never got         I’m happy to be paying my dues.                      and his door is always open to me. Not that
pushed into it, and I’m sure if I had wanted to                                                          I’ve counted, but Jeg’s office is just 11
do something else my family would have fully                                                             footsteps from mine, and I make at least two or
                                                             Even though I have not

supported it, but for me that was never an                                                               three trips a week, sometimes more. Whenever
issue. I had a Jr. Dragster when I was 8, and as                                                         I ask Uncle Jeg a question, I can usually expect
soon as I was old enough for a driver’s license,             won a race this year, I                     a detailed explanation. I try my best to absorb
it was on to the “big cars” as they call them,                                                           every word that he says, and then I concentrate
and I’ve never been happier.                        definitely feel like I am a                          on taking each lesson and applying it to a real-
    My family — including my grandfather, Jeg                                                            world situation on the racetrack.
Coughlin Sr.; my dad, Troy; and my uncles,          better driver than I was                                 When Jeg was my age, he was already well

John, Mike, and Jeg — has driven in just                                                                 on his way to his first world championship in
about every class from Top Fuel to Stock, and       at this time last season.                            Super Gas, so he can definitely relate to where
we’ve had a lot of success over the years.                                                               I am in my career right now. Growing up, I
    When I got the chance to drive a real race          Even though I have not won a race this year,     was always in awe of my dad and my uncles
car, I decided that Super
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Description: Last November, I earned my first NHRA Wally in Las Vegas when I won the Super Comp title in my dragster, and anyone who knows me will tell you that it was the highlight of my young life. For one, I have gotten used to the competitive atmosphere that exists at NHRA national events and big-money bracket races.
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