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					by: Carol Mitchel

Currently known in the United States as the LR3, the Land Rover Discovery is a comfortable
sport utility vehicle from the Land Rover brand of the Ford Motor Company. This model has had
three generations. It first made its public debut in the late 1980s. It has currently become the
most popular model of the Land Rover for its competency during off road journeys. This vehicle
was also introduced to the United Kingdom in 1989, and Project Jay was the companys code
name for the vehicle. At first, it was only made available as a three-door vehicle, however, come
the following year, the vehicle now sported five doors.

The Series II Land Rover Discovery made its first public appearance in 1998. Its interior and
exterior was redesigned to be less utilitarian, and was still quite very similar to the first series.
Body paneling was done anew except for the rear door outer skin. Its rear body was actually
extended so as to improve load space. Its overall off road abilities still remains impressive, and
more relevant. It still used the same underpinnings as per the original Range Rovers back in
1970. The third generation of this Land Rover Discovery vehicle became a reality as the
Discovery 3, as the name is rendered by the Land Rover. It has become an entirely new design
and additionally, it does not share a single component or part with the outgoing model. It bears
with it still the traditional Land Rover style. Its functions dictate its look. It has lots of horizontal
and vertical lines. The key features of the Discovery are still held intact that includes the stepped
roofline and the steeply-raked windscreen.

Now, the Land Rover Discovery is a striking new member to the Land Rover family. So as to
keep up with the customers lifestyles and needs, this vehicle has undergone over seven hundred
changes so as to improve its styling, its ride and feel, and its quality, thus giving assurance that
this vehicle would be worth their time and money. It has with it all- new interiors and colors.
Certainly, the Land Rover Discoverys original design has evolved so as to become highly
refined, and so as to become the prestigious model that we know today. It is also very
recognizable for its twin pocket style headlamps, a new front bumper and a new grilled. It still
bears with it the style that is very convincingly from the Range Rover brand. is dedicated in providing customers with genuine Land Rover and
Range Rover parts. Customers can brose through its online parts catalog which lists genuine
parts for the Land Rover Discovery and Land Rover vehicles.

The Land Rover Discoverys appearance has been thought over thoroughly so as to ensure that
design and practicality could come together perfectly in one off road vehicle. Some features of
the classic model still remain though like its stepped roof, Alpine roof lights, and its upright
dependable stance.

This article was posted on January 18, 2006

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