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					Sample project manager resume

Just for a second, put yourself in the life of recruiter. You'll probably end up reading
100 to 200 resumes a day. Be honest, after a while they're all going to look the same
aren't they?

Because there is so much competition for jobs, recruiters have become very good at
"scanning". Scanning involves looking over a resume as quick as possible to look for
keywords of interest such as "project manager", "PMP" or "Prince2" for example.
While this is done manually, it's often done with software as well.

With that in mind, you're probably thinking how will I get all the experience I have as
a project manager into a format that will show up in the "scan"?

Here are a few things I do in my resume to ensure I get the recruiters call!

Use Project Management Keywords

Just like a search engine recruiters use keywords to "search" your resume. If you're
missing words the recruiter is looking for, they will just move on. "How do you know
what key words" I hear you ask? Well, check the job description you're replying to
and throw in keywords it mentions. Be sure to throw some industry keywords in there
as well.

The light use of colour

As we're not going for a graphic designer's job, there's no need to go crazy with
colour. Too much heavy colour or brilliant colour is going to look too hard on the eye.
Use blues or greys to highlighting sections or headings in your resume.

My Name, Role and Company

I put my name, company and my current role right up on the top of the resume. I put it
in huge bold text so there is no confusion about who I am, where I currently work and
what I currently do.

Career Achievements

Don't make a recruiter work hard to see what you're all about. Give it to them right on
the first page. Use big dollar or resource numbers. It helps a recruiter to use a large
easy to read font like Arial size 12 and list your crowning achievements.

Use Clear Section Divisions

Don't let text run all over the place, use section headers to break up the text. As
mentioned earlier use some light colours to bring this to life.

Each line must be very easy to read. You might work in an environment that requires
technical writing or detailed business writing but recruiters are trying to find out about
your skill and experience they are no trying to see how many big words you can spin.

I've found all these help make my resume flow better and make it easy for a recruiter
to scan your resume.