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Jobs opportunities in the Middle East have always been very lucrative. Dubai in The
United Arab Emirates has been the biggest magnet, attracting skilled, semi-skilled &
unskilled talent. However, you, as yet have to achieve your dream job in the Gulf, that
comes with the higher position, status, and of course, a better salary.

What can you do to change this? Begin with a professional & well-formatted Resume.
A resume is a very important factor in an interview. Whether you get an interview call
or not, rests upon your Resume. A well-written resume shows your enthusiasm &
your commitment to work in a competitive environment.

Imagine a Human Resources (HRD) Manager having to search from scores of
Resumes that he's received for an open job position in his company. Which candidate
should he select for an interview and which one should he reject? That is just one of
his work responsibilities. And also quite problematic. From the tight time schedules
he has, do you think he goes through each and every C.V. from top to bottom?

What do you think he does? He simply scans every Resume, selecting the ones that he
likes & discarding those he doesn't.

Now, let us look from a candidate's angle. Suppose, you are the candidate. You have
excellent skills, are enthusiastic, motivated & talented. You know you can easily
qualify for the higher position and bigger salary packet. You've sent in your Resume,
and are waiting to be called for an interview. Deep down, you just know that if given
a chance to an interview, you'll easily impress the interviewer. This job will be yours.
But you know what? You do not get an interview call.

Why? Are you lacking in skills? - Not at all. Your Resume, your first point of contact,
got rejected, even before they actually met you.

Are they to blame? - Not at all. They go through thousands of resumes to short-list a
few for interviews. Where do the rest of the resumes land up? In the garbage bin. Are
you to blame. Yes, in a way. You did not take extra care to create a Professional

So, how do you make your resume shine, so that your chances of an interview call
increase?If you want your Resume to stand out from the others, then there are many
things to keep in mind, viz. Use correct English language and grammar. Form correct
sentences that make sense. Also, do a spell check. Highlight your strengths. Both,
personal as well as skills required to perform the new job. You need to show that you
have the ability to perform the tasks that the new job demands.

But this is not all. Though there is a vast difference between countries like Saudi
Arabia & U.A.E., overall the Gulf countries are different culturally from Western and
even Asian countries. Certain words, your tone etc. play a major role in having you
selected. Or not. A candidate needs to keep this in mind while creating a Resume.
It pays to have your Resume created with professional Resume Writing Services.

A team of resume writers, consisting of professionals from each career field, writes
your Resume. A Resume plays a very important role in getting you your dream job.
I'll show you why. A Company's Human Resources Manager receives lots of resumes
for a lucrative job, from candidates world-wide. Can this HR Manager interview each
& every one? No he can't. He short-lists some people for the interview by browsing
through their resumes.

The opening lines of 2 resumes are presented below. Guess which resume will be
shortlisted by this HR Manager for an interview:

Resume 1: I want to growth in Auto CAD field. I am a authentic & innovative
person. I have ability of working strike on strike until work is complete.

Resume 2: My passion for AutoCAD helps me to grow individually as well as part of
a corporate team. Being innovative in my approach towards work, I see problems as
opportunities to grow and I rest only after I have successfully overcome the problem.

Get the point? The candidate belonging to Resume 1, in spite of having excellent
personal & professional skills, got rejected for the interview & also the lucrative job.
Guess how many rejections this candidate will have to face before he finally gets a
job? Similarly, the candidate belonging to Resume 2 will have to face fewer
rejections. So, he will be able to evaluate and choose from amongst the many job
offers he gets.

Executive Resume Writing Services have helped many candidates get their Dream
jobs, in fact, with salaries 20 to 30 percent higher, and better perks than usual. Visit
Resume Writing Services to learn more about creating a Resume that sells. Your

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