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                            From Zynga’s Farmville to Frontierville

                         Understanding Crucial Frontierville Concepts

                 Three Things You Can Do Now to Level Faster in Frontierville

                     Ways To Power Up Your Energy Playing FrontierVille

                            7 Sneaky Tips for Playing Frontierville

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From Zynga’s Farmville to Frontierville

If you haven’t heard of Farmville, you’ve likely been living under a rock because the game has been
one of the biggest phenomena in gaming in the last 10 years. So, when Zynga announced their big
scale upgrade in the form of Frontierville, players were excited. With new features like bears and
snakes to clobber, players would be able to take on the Wild West, still creating a farm, but doing so
much more.

But, let’s be honest; Frontierville was never expected to outperform its older brother. Farmville hit
well over 9 digit membership numbers. Zynga reported 252 million active users over all of its
properties in April of 2010 and a lot of those players were engaged in Farmville. While it’s gone
down a bit, and Frontierville is new, there are still more than 30 million new players in the Wild
West as of my writing this.

Users of Frontierville say that it requires a little more strategy and perception than Farmville. Like
Farmville the main focus of the game is on buying, planting, and cultivating crops, then selling
them at a market. However there are a lot of chores that need to be done and many of them cannot
be done alone. You can enlist or hire friends to do things like catch rodents, chop lumber and feed
your livestock.

A huge difference is that you can work on your friend’s farm whenever you want, earning
reputation and working points whenever you stop by to help out with their crops or critter problems.
The more you head to other people’s farms and work there, the more rep points you get and the
better you will perform.

Another fun addition is your family. Farmville was a solo sport, but Frontierville allows you to get
married and have children. You will then need to care for the new family while still keeping your
farm up and running. And to top off the stress factor, there are all sorts of external worries
inundating your farm at all times – from viruses and varmints to unwanted trees and weeds. You’ll
need to stay on top of your town if you want to keep the Wild West at bay.

Another feature that Farmville players will be interested in learning is the idea of energy. No longer
can you play for hours at a time until you get bored; you need to measure and balance energy a la
Mafia Wars to keep from running out of the needed resources to clean, hunt, and plant the items that
will make your town as attractive as possible.

In short, Fronterville is not your average social game. Everything that made the other games by
Zynga successful has been combined to create an epic, one of a kind game play machine that will
keep you addicted for weeks or months to come. The idea is simple – a fun, all ages friendly
gaming experience. But, the execution is getting more complicated with every passing release.

Understanding Crucial Frontierville Concepts

Frontierville, the newest creation from Zynga, is similar to Farmville in a lot of ways. But, at its
core, it requires a level of skill that the other games from Zynga never did – a balance of numerous
factors that are necessary to build the perfect balance of spending, time investment, and fun. Here
are four of the most common elements in the game that you’ll want to master quickly to find
success in Frontierville.

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Want to be successful? You need energy. Energy is used to perform every action in the game – from
killing a varmint to planting a crop. You’ll need to continuously replenish your energy stocks if you
want to be successful, using food or simply resting to get it back. The food will need to be carefully
managed to boost your energy only when it’s needed.
Of course, food is tough to find, so you’ll need to carefully measure you crops and gather fruit from
trees whenever available. Of course, you’ll also need to eat it, but only as much as is needed to
maintain your energy levels.


Building things is also crucial to playing the game. Wood is used to build almost everything you
need which is why to win it is important to pay attention o the size of the trees in the game. The size
of the tree signifies how many chops with an axe are needed to harvest all of the wood.


Coins are the primary form of currency – they are earned for selling crops, gained for performing
tasks, and spent on things like food and upgrades. You’ll need lots of them both for quests and for
buying supplies for your town.

However, there are also experience points – another common aspect of all social games. You’ll need
to gain these as you level up to showcase your abilities and work towards beating the game. You can
find out how many experience points you have by looking at your toolbar. The information in the
Frontierville toolbar will tell you how many more Experience points you need to level up.

The premium currency in Frontierville is the Horseshoe. These work the same as Farmville Cash
and allow you to buy premium upgrades, high quality food, and other items that are not available
unless you spend real world cash.


Nothing is more important than neighbors- a common factor in all social games. Not only do your
neighbors offer ways to boost your reputation and receive gifts, they make the game more fun as
you interact with real world friends and family members. If you want to be successful in this game
you need to have a lot of neighbors on hand.

Make sure you choose the right neighbors too – you want people who play often, reciprocate gifts,
and are at your level so you can gain the benefits that come from spending time with them.

Frontierville is significantly more complicated than any game to come before it from Zynga. Some
players scoff at the complexity, but many others are excited to be challenged. If you’re among the
latter, learn the basics well and have fun with the biggest and best social game yet.

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Three Things You Can Do Now to Level Faster in Frontierville

However you look at it, Frontierville is a more complicated game than its predecessor, Farmville.
The game requires you to keep track of more details like energy, reputation and the current status of
varmints and your animals. While Farmville was a happy, dandy place with no one getting in the
way of your farming, Frontierville has weather, villains, and a family to keep track of. Talk about a
stressful game. So, when you start levelling, it’s good to have these three tips on hand to speed up
the process.

Stock Up on Quest Items

Throughout the game there will be a number of quests that can help you level faster and get more
out of the game. That means three things. First, you’d better be ready for whatever the game throws
at you. Don’t just assume you won’t need your energy after a quest to drive off a varmint. Second, it
means you should stockpile some key items like ribeyes that can be used to complete your quests
much faster. If you don’t have the ribeyes or other items you need, consider going to your
neighbors’ towns and looking for them there.

Get More Neighbors

Neighbors are the secret to success in any social game and in Frontierville it’s even truer. You need
to have as many people on your side as possible to send you gifts of food to keep your energy up
and provide places where you can boost reputation and maintain a steady flow of coins. If you don’t
yet have a good supply of neighbours, start gathering people to your cause as soon as possible.

Choose the Right Crops

While in Farmville you could grow the same one or two things every day and level up at the same
steady speed with plenty of coins coming in, you’ll need to carefully select which crops go in with
Frontierville – placing them carefully along every point of your town. The idea is that you’ll have
crops planted in such a way that you always have something ready to harvest whenever you login.

Every 2-3 hours, there will be a crop ready to pull up and replace. And while you may be able to get
more XP or coins per hour by using a single crop, we’re assuming you won’t play the game every
hour of the day. So, you should tweak your crop selections to the times when you are able to get in
there and play.

Playing Frontierville Like a Pro

Hopefully these tips have provided the basis you need to propel your Frontierville gameplay
forward. Trust me, as you advance, you’ll find dozens more specific tips that will get closer to Level
100 much faster, but this is not a game for the faint of heart. It takes a lot of time and energy to
build up a perfect gaming strategy, but once you do, I can guarantee you’ll have more fun and get
more done than you ever thought possible in a social game.

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Ways To Power Up Your Energy Playing FrontierVille

Anyone who has played Frontierville knows one thing – they need a lot of energy to keep playing
from day to day. The idea of energy isn’t new, but for those that have only played Farmville, it may
seem like a stringent requirement. Luckily, there are ways to make it work for you if you play the
game properly.

The most obvious way to get energy is to wait until your character naturally regenerates it. As a
result, many players just sit down and take a break until it comes back. But, what if you want to
keep playing? Now you’re stuck sitting there, waiting for a bar to refill while your town wallows. It
can take almost a full hour to replenish an empty bar.

Other Ways to Regenerate Energy

So, instead of sitting around and waiting, you need to find some food to help boost your energy
levels. That’s easy enough with the meal system in Frontierville:

* Light Snack – Boosts 3 Energy Points for 36 Food Points
* Breakfast – Boosts 7 Energy Points for 80 Food Points
* Lunch – Boosts 15 Energy Points for 165 Food Points
* Dinner – Boosts 30 Energy Points for 320 Food Points
* 7 Course Feast – Boosts 62 Energy Points for 600 Food Points
* All You Can Eat Platter – Replaces all energy for 10 Horseshoes
* Beef Jerky – Replaces all energy and increases total by 3 for 30 Horseshoes.

So, obviously food is an important way to replace your energy. But, you can also use meals as gifts
received from your friends. Just ask them for meals on the gifts page in the game. These meals are
no different than the ones you can buy for yourself, so it’s vital you take advantage of the gifting
system to get them.

Another great way to boost energy is to get to work on your homestead fixing up your house,
clobbering snakes, chopping wood, or much more. You won’t always get a refill of energy, and your
work will obviously use up energy, so be wise and economical about which actions you take on the
homestead – you want to get the most out of your play time.

One of the easiest ways to get power is to constantly visit you neighbors and help them with their
farms. Every time you visit, a drop down menu presents you with five tasks with a value attached to
each. You should also add more neighbours whenever they send you a request to do so as making
friends in a social gaming milieu is what will keep you powerful.

There are no “cheats” for energy in Frontierville. You must simply play the game smart and
efficiently, working hard and ensuring you continuously eat food that will replenish the energy
levels constantly going down.

If you want to be successful in Frontierville, you need to carefully watch your energy levels at all
times. They will rapidly go up and down as you play, but only if you spend enough time balancing
your tasks will you be able to effectively play whenever you like.

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7 Sneaky Tips for Playing Frontierville

There are a lot of social games out there and not all of them are as easy as the rest. Frontierville, the
newest social game from Zynga, falls squarely into that latter category, offering more complexity
than the Farmville crowd is used to. So, to help those of you who are trying to get ahead in the
game, here are some much needed tips:

1. When to Clobber

Always wait before you clobber a snake or bear in the game. You’ll run into them when clearing
your grass or cutting down tre3es, but remember that the act of clobbering costs you energy and you
need to keep clearing. Since only one varmint at a time can come out, you may as well wait until
you’re ready to use up your energy to do it.

   2. Fox Management

Be careful about how you handle the foxes that attack your geese and chickens. If you place those
birds at the property line, as far away from the rest of your town as possible, you can create a buffer
that the fox won’t cross. You can also clobber the foxes once or twice to get rid of them – a much
appreciated format that works far better when managing your energy.

3. Get Peach Trees

When you visit neighbours harvest peach trees first so you get the highest possible return on your
time investment. Peach trees are the holy grail of energy replacement from trees, so they are your
buddy (at least for now – expect upgrades in the future).

4. Buy What You Need

Food costs money, but you need it to keep your energy levels up. So, instead of buying food
whenever you dip down to 50%, wait until you need exactly as much energy as a single piece of
food offers. If you’re down only 20 and it offers 30, that’s a huge waste of possible energy and of
food points.

5. Ask Your Neighbors for Help

Guess what – those neighbors you’ve been collecting are real people and will give you help
whenever possible if you let them. So, instead of spending a ton of horseshoes and coins on things,
ask for help. Get some meals as gifts, and whatever other gifts you need to maintain your energy
levels and play for longer.

6. Reciprocate

The same as you expect your neighbors to send you gifts, you’d better return the favor. Whenever
you get a gift, return it. Whenever you have a free moment, send a gift. Whenever you need some
reputation points, help someone’s town. These are great ways to build rapport and get more from
your neighbors later when you really need it.

7. Balancing Attacks

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Instead of moving towards the varmints that come onto your farm, use the harvest tool and move
yourself away from the snakes and bears – a sort of keep away that will allow you to keep your
energy while avoiding an attack from one of the wild animals in the game.

Frontierville is loaded with fun tricks and tips that will help you play more efficiently and get more
out of your time with neighbors. Use these tricks wisely and keep your eyes open for new ones that
popup constantly.

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