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									Fresher resume

Have you just completed your graduation and now looking for a job? If you are
planning to start your career with your first job application, you must formulate your
resume professionally before you apply for any job. The reason being, your
application should inform the hiring manager or employer about your educational
qualification and skills.

Searching of jobs are the first preference of any fresher, who have just completed
their education or passed out of college. But, it is also essential to remember that,
there is already economic down turn and there is scarce of job availabilities. Thus, it
is advisable that, the fresher must articulate his/her resume in a proficient manner,
which can make him exceptional and differentiate him from other viable candidates or
job seekers in front of the employer.

Again, as this may be his career's first job, without any professional working
experience, his resume must highlight his Academic and any other specialization
course completion records. His technical know how, computer knowledge, extra
curriculum activities, awards or accolades bestowed on him for his excellence in
academic career perusal and other inherent skills must also be included in the resume.

It is also known fact that, fresher also do not have enough experience to write their
own resume. They are also unaware that, this document should explicitly explain or
provide their information in precise manner and proper format, by avoiding
unnecessary details.

Below given Fresher Resume template provides sufficient knowledge about such
resume formulation:

Contact Details

The resume must start with Contact Details, which include name address, phone no.
and mailing address.


Their career aspiration and goal can be shown under Objective sub heading.


This sub heading records the skills and strength possessed by the candidate.


This section is very important to show the educational qualifications because, any
employer will try to find out about educational background of the candidate, by
looking at the information furnished here. The candidate can provide name of the high
school and college, curriculum of the studies, location of the educational institute,
education completion date and award of the degree. If he/she is done any post
graduation or specialization courses, the details must be mentioned in this section.

Awards & Accolades

Any awards or accolades bestowed on the candidate for excellence in education or
any other field can be recorded under this sub heading.

Additional and technical skills

This section informs about the inborn qualities of the candidate, such as excellent
writing and communicating skills, loyalty, sincerity, dedication, grasping power and
proficiency in other languages.

Technical Skill includes commuter literacy, software operation, Microsoft Word
Package, internet proficiencies and so on.

Extra Curricular Activities

This section shows candidate's active participation in different fields. These details
also explain about the zeal, activeness and enthusiasm of the candidate for different
types of work.

You can also formulate your own Fresher Resume in systematic order, according to
the given Resume format.

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