Famed OEM and Custom Motorcycle Fenders by Maricon Williams

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					by: Maricon Williams

Motorcycles evolve with time. Moreover, motorcycle parts also go with the flow of evolution.

In addition, even fenders cope up with these moving changes. Buying Original Equipment
Manufacturers (OEM) fenders is like buying the exact original fenders the manufacturer used to
build. OEM fenders are simple, workable and widely available. Custom or aftermarket
motorcycle fenders are becoming more and more popular. In fact there are a lot of motorcycle
fenders manufacturers that specialize in this field some of them are Daytec and Jessie James.

Daytec makes steel rear aftermarket fenders which are primered and undrilled. They are called
Heritage or Bobbed. They are made available to fit 8-1/2 to 9 inch custom applications.

Jesse James, on the other hand, is also making nice custom fenders. These motorcycle fenders
are made of rolled steel with welded radius contours wire loom and reinforced lower edges.
These fenders necessitate custom drilling and mounting in order to accommodate the riders
specifications. Any rider can incorporate these fenders to a new bike or the bike he is already
riding. After incorporating and just before painting, pre-finishing is resorted to. Finally, these
steel fenders are shipped to their destinations.

The Steeler, which is made for custom narrow glides with 18 inch or 19 inch and 16 inch wheels,
is the newest selection of Jesse James. It is made for both the front and the rear wheels. Aside
from Steeler, Jesse James also have classic, tombstone, roller fenders, outlaw fenders,

Classic fenders fit a custom for 6-3/4, 18, 19 or 16 inch front or a 7- to 9 inch rear. Tombstone,
on the other hand, is for custom narrow glide fronts from 18, 19 or 16 inch wheels or rear custom
7-1/4 to 9 inch. With regards to roller fenders, they are made for custom narrow glides with front
18, 16 or 19 inch wheels or rear custom 7 to 9 inch wheels. Outlaw fenders are for front custom
narrow glide 18, 19 or 21 inch wheels. Finally, Jesse James Gunslingers fenders are for fronts
with 16 to 19 inch wheels or rears with 7 to 9 inch wheels.

Nowadays, motorcycle fenders are made wider and more rigid. Thus, riders are already having a
wider leeway for their ideal style and quality. Broader imaginations and wider applications result
to exquisite looking motorcycle. Envision your bike and ride on it in realityWith todays
innovations, its easy to turn your dream bike into reality

This article was posted on October 29, 2005