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Are you applying for the job of Accounting Clerk in a company? If so, you should
remember that your accounting resume plays very important part during job selection
process. A well articulated informative resume, showing your qualities, qualifications
and professional skills can get you the desired result and also land you, posted
account job.

Thus, when you formulate your Accounting Resume, you should remember following
basic accounting skills, which must be clearly highlighted in the resume:

• Complete knowledge about accounting process, report making, financial record and
book keeping.
• Proficiency with computer and accounting software.
• Analytical and Research skills.
• Excellent communication and presentation skill.
• Adept in Multiple task handling.
• Expertise in Numeric and mathematics
• Leadership Quality

It is also essential that, possession of these qualities is not enough, unless they are
synchronized in proper format and order.

The Account Clerk Resume must be drafted in the following order:

1. Contact Details shows full name, contact number and mailing address.

2. Career Objective sub heading mentions career aspiration and goal, with the position

3. Professional Experience sub heading includes, accounting skills and achievements,
accrued, while working with other organizations. This section also explains about the
leadership quality of the job applicant and how his selection will benefit the company.

4. Educational Qualification section shows his academic qualification, curriculum,
along with the name of the educational institute, date of completion or award of
degree. If the candidate has completed any further specialization course then, he can
show such qualification in this section.

5. Achievement section mentions about the accolades, bestowed on the candidate,
during his academic or career perusal.

6. Additional & Technical Skill paragraph tells about his inherent qualities,
communication skills, and technical skills, such as efficiency in MS Word Package,
use of Accounting Software and other computer knowledge.

The formulation of resume in the given format will greatly enhance the job
possibilities of the candidate.