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					Sample sales resume

If you are already a sales person, or if you are hoping to gain a sales position, then
you should consider your resume to be the first step in a sales presentation that sells
you as an employee to your prospective employer. Even if you consider yourself to be
somewhat of an expert in sales, you might find that selling yourself using one or two
sheets of paper is much more daunting than selling items on a sales floor. This is
where a sample sales resume can be an invaluable tool.

With a sample sales resume, you'll learn that your ability for selling must become
notably more fine-tuned so that you can compete among many other sales-oriented
people. It will help you to create a resume that will sell your uniquely ideal candidacy
to the hiring authority - even if it is by way of an intermediary who will be briefly
scanning over the resumes.

Try to think of it this way. You're trying to make a sale by emailing your best sales
pitch to the attorney of your prospective client. As you can see, your resume will need
to be as close to perfect as is possible in order to make it past the first hurdle to the
person who will ultimately make the decision as to whether or not to meet you for an

Sales professionals very commonly seek the assistance of professional resume writers
in order to ensure such precision and accuracy. Therefore, if you decide to write your
resume yourself, you will likely be at a disadvantage against these professionals -
depending on your writing experience and skill - so you will need to work at least
twice as hard on your resume as anyone else.

Fortunately, if you're using a sample sales resume as a tool to assist you, you already
have the help of a professional on your side. After all, the odd are that a professional
resume writer wrote the sample sales resume, so all you need to do is apply that
template to yourself, and perfect, review, and edit until you are certain that you've
made it as good is it can get.

How good is enough? Ask yourself the following questions:

Is my resume ready to beat the 95% of applicants whose resumes will be discarded,
even if they have been created by a professional resume writer?

Is my resume written in a way that clearly and quickly demonstrates my ideal
candidacy for the position and gets the results I want?

Before you even think of emailing, faxing, or snail mailing your sales resume, you
must have a "yes" answer to both of those questions.