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									Sales manager resume sample

If you are a member of a sales team who is ready to try your hand at moving up a rung
on the sales ladder by becoming a sales manager, you are going to have to create a
strong and powerful sales manager resume.

One of the best things you can do to help yourself get started on the task is to find
some sample sales manager resumes to look at. You should also pay careful attention
to the position vacancy announcement if you have actually found a job you are
interested in already.

Even if you have not really been looking for a career move yet, it still pays to keep a
resume in your computer's documents folder because you never know when the need
will arise, and it will also help you remember pertinent information that you might
otherwise forget. In fact, every time you make an extraordinary sale, receive positive
feedback from your supervisor, or attend a training class, you should make a note of it
so that it can be added to your sales manager resume when the time comes for you to
make your move.

Once you do decide that it is time to start pounding the pavement - not literally, since
technology has saved us from that tiring chore - you would do well to consider
purchasing a software program specifically geared to creating a resume for sales and
marketing professionals.

Such resume software can be invaluable when it comes to choosing the best way to
present your accomplishments and skills. There will be lots of templates from which
to choose, and you can easily change from one format to another - say, for example,
from the chronological resume to the functional resume and back again if need be.

Nothing will take the place of solid experience and/or education and a strong work
ethic and previous accomplishments, but creating a winning sales manager resume
requires more than just plain information. It also requires good packaging - that is
what it should do - package you. After all, if Apple or HP comes out with the best
computer ever, but the outside covering is a hideous pepto-bismol pink color, that
computer will not sell, right? You will have to keep lowering the asking price until it
is too good a bargain to pass up, right? Well, don't let that happen to you. You are a
quality sales professional who would make a great sales manager, so make sure your
sales manager resume reflects that.

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