Automatic Program Brake Control System by delontewest


									■ Automatic Program Brake Control System

                              An innovative brake module that combines the control functions of ABS

                              (Anti-lock   Brake   System),   TCS   (Traction   Control   System),   ESP

                              (Electronic Stability Program) and an automatic parking brake has

                              recently been brought forth by Dam Yong TechSea. "Automatic

                              Program Brake" (APB) controls the solenoid check valve, providing

                              hydraulic control for stable durability and a semipermanent life.

                              By contrast, EPB (Electronic Parking Brake) or EMF (Electro-Mechanical
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                              parking brake) modules are controlled by an actuator and need a

separate cable-type parking brake. As a result, they have low durability and need frequent

maintenance and replacement of various parts such as brake linings and cables.

Since the APB module controls the main brake system and the parking brake simultaneously, it

helps car makers manufacture lighter cars. By employing a caliper-type parking brake system

developed in-house, the firm's module needs no drums, thus further contributing to lowered car

weight and maintenance costs.

The APB module automatically maintains braking power even after a car equipped with it comes to a

stop. If the car is put into gear when it starts, the driver only needs to step on the accelerator to

release the braking power and start driving, thus reducing driver fatigue caused by continuously

operating the brake pedal when traffic is congested or while the car is stopped at a light.

On a rising incline, the module prevents sliding backwards and saves fuel costs. For better safety, it

also prevents a car with automatic transmission from shooting off suddenly.

The APB module is specially designed to provide strong braking power even if the car engine stops,

or if one of the car's master cylinders is out of order or the ABS and ESP brake system is in trouble.

Having domestic patent for the new technology, Dam Yong TechSea is working to acquire patents in

the U.S. and China. At the moment, efforts are being made to export the technology to the U.S., the

EU, Japan and China with helps from the state-run Korea Technology Transfer Center (KTTC).

Company     Dam Yong TechSea

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