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Teaching is a wonderful field. Helping students develop new skills and gain
knowledge and cultivate an appreciation of learning can be very rewarding.
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, "Excellent job opportunities are expected
as retirements, especially among secondary school teachers, outweigh slowing
enrollment growth; opportunities will vary by geographic area and subject taught."

The resume tips for a Kindergarten Teacher listed below will help with writing a
professional resume that provides prospective school districts with the information
they need to make a good decision about whether or not you are a good candidate for
the job.

In short: You will learn how to create a resume that principals WANT to read.

Resume Tips for a Kindergarten Teacher:

1. Choose a resume format that is commonly used. The reason you want to use a
commonly accepted format is because employers like to know where to find the
information they are seeking. Make sure you are include the main sectio ns within
your resume. Most commonly, they are: Heading, Objective, Education, Experience,
Activities/Awards, and Professional Affiliations.

2. Use Resume Action Keywords whenever possible to reflect energy and create a
vivid impression in the prospective employer's mind. Show the school
district/principal your ability to help children understand abstract concepts, solve
problems, and develop critical thinking skills and your desire to meet the expectations
of the school district in which you will teach. Also, be sure to use industry-specific
keywords that relate to the teaching field, such as "multiple instructional strategies",
"age-appropriate instruction" and "formal and informal assessments". By using
specific industry jargon/keywords, you direct your resume toward a specific target.

3. Accomplishments are another important aspect of your resume. Your achievements
distinguish you from your competitors in the job-search process. All things being
equal, if an elementary school principal were looking at two identical prospective
Kindergarten Teachers who could handle the tasks of the job perfectly well, but one
had accomplished more than the other, who do you think is going to get a phone call?

4. Proofread your resume. If your resume has many (any?) errors, you'll never have an
opportunity to meet the school principal for an interview. You will essentially take
yourself out of the competition for that position. Don't let another job candidate get a
job you are perfectly capable of doing simply because you ha ve a typo or grammar
error. It's an easy fix.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, "Preschool, kindergarten, elementary
school, middle school, and secondary school teachers, except special education, held
about 3.8 million jobs in 2004. Of the teachers in those jobs, about 1.5 million are
elementary school teachers, 1.1 million are secondary school teachers, 628,000 are
middle school teachers, 431,000 are preschool teachers, and 171,000 are kindergarten

If you want to impress your prospective employer, you have to make the most of your
qualifications. A resume can either get your foot in the door or get a door closed in
your face. Write the best one you can and you'll likely find yourself with your foot in
several doors. Wouldn't it be great to have job offers from several school districts?