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     2007 WSEAS International Conference on

        Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, January 17-19, 2007

               Tuesday, January 16, 2007

17:30 – 20:00: REGISTRATION

              Wednesday, January 17, 2007

08:00 – 08:45: REGISTRATION

                             ROOM A’


                      PLENARY LECTURE

  Broadband Communications from High Altitude Platforms
                      Professor Gorazd Kandus
          Head of the Department of Communication Systems
                         Jozef Stefan Institute
Abstract: High Altitude Platforms (HAPs), physically positioned in the lower
stratosphere at altitudes around 20 km, have recently been shown to have the
potential to deliver a range of communications services. These include
multimedia applications requiring broadband access to the network and make
HAP based wireless access systems a potential supplement to terrestrial and
satellite systems.
In this lecture, HAP-based systems are analysed with respect to terrestrial
and satellite broadband wireless access systems. The most interesting
services and applications are briefly introduced, followed by a discussion of
the ITU-R spectrum allocation for HAP based systems. The main focus is on
the alternative HAP system and network architectures, ranging from stand-
alone platforms to multiple platform configurations which may include wireless
and free space optical links. Operating scenario requirements and restrictions
imposed by the type of the platform are also taken into account.

11:00-11:30: Coffee-break


SESSION: Wireless systems and networks

Chair: Gorazd Kandus, Octavian Dranga

Modified Backoff Scheme for MAC         Hyun M. Park, Woo Chool Park, Seung Joo      550-370
Performance Enhancement in IEEE         Lee, Gil-Yong Lee
802.15.4 Sensor Network
Neural Network Based Approach for       Daniel-Ioan Curiac, Constantin Volosencu,    550-374
Malicious Node Detection in Wireless    Alex Doboli, Octavian Dranga, Tomasz
Sensor Networks                         Bednarz
Novel broadband 3-dB directional        Ozlem A. Sen, Celal Dudak, Tunahan Kirilmaz 550-101
coupler design method
The Optimum Nodes on Clustering-        Chin-Yung Yu                                 550-253
based Routing in Wireless Sensor
PBA: A New MAC Mechanism for            Yoo-Jin Jeong, Soo-Young Shin, Soo-Hyun      550-401
efficient wireless communication in     Park, Chang-Hwa Kim
Underwater Acoustic Sensor Network
Telemetry over TETRA Network            Gorazd Kandus, Andrej Hrovat, Igor Ozimek,   550-241
                                        Miha Smolnikar, Tatjana Ban-Zlatev

14:00-15:00: Lunch break


SESSION: Advances in system science

Chair: Jie Li, Ibrahim Al-Bahadly

An isolated feedback circuit for a flyback Jie Li, Kewei Huang, Ninjun Fan          550-198
charging circuit
Evaluation of Mutual Coupling in Four-      Ibrahim Al-Bahadly                      550-142
Phase SR Motors
Fault tolerant flight controller for a high Nagaraj Ramrao, Nikhil Santosh, Rohit   550-281
performance fighter aircraft during auto- Panikkar, T.V. Ramamurthy
Energy Saving with Variable Speed           Ibrahim Al-Bahadly                      550-144
Drives in Industry Applications
Design of a distributed ultrasonic          Zhao Hai-wen, Hong Yue, Cai He-gao      550-157
detecting system based on multi-
processor for autonomous mobile robot
Wheeled mobile robot actuations of a        Marie Bernard Sidibe, He Xu, Yulin Ma   550-346
Multiple Degrees-of-Freedom Parallel

17:00-17:30: Coffee break

                    Thursday, January 18, 2007

11:00-11:30: Coffee-break


SESSION: Advanced models in engineering science and optimization techniques

Chair: Vincenzo Niola, Shieh-Shing Lin

Embedding the Fuzzy Inference Engine      Jih-Fu Tu                                 550-126

into Petri Net Models
A Design of IADSS with the Earthquake      Shieh-Shing Lin                            550-326
Detecting Function
Humanoid Fingerprint Recognition based Chia-Shing Hu, Ching-Tang Hsieh                550-334
on Fuzzy Neural Network
An Appliacation of the Electric-type     Shieh-Shing Lin                              550-325
Keyboard, Mouse and Monitor Switcher
A High-Speed Realization of Chinese      Shuangching Chen, Shugang Wei                550-201
Remainder Theorem
The optimization of kinematical response Vincenzo Niola, Giuseppe Quaremba            550-367
of gear transmission

14:00-15:00: Lunch break


SESSION: Signal and image processing

Chair: Saad M. Al-Shaharani, Hsi-Pin Ma

Differential class-e rf power amplifier    Saad M. Al-Shaharani                       550-308
A DVB-T/H Baseband Receiver for            Ruei-Dar Fang, Hsi-Pin Ma                  550-434
Mobile Environments
Discrete Cosine Transform Domain           Mohammed Wondimagegnehu, Tetsuya           550-451
Parallel LMS Equalizer                     Shimamura
Adaptive Non-Linear Prediction with        Hirobumi Tanaka, Yuichiroh Ohhashi, Tetsuya 550-366
Order Statistics for Speech in Impulsive   Shimamura
Diplexers With Cross Coupled Structure Yuseon Kim, Jinwoo Jung, Hyeonjin Lee,         550-422
Between the Resonators Using LTCC      Yeongseog Lim
Improvement of histogram equalization Nattapong Phanthuna, Fusak Cheevasuvit,         550-154
for minimum mean brightness error      Sakreya Chitwong

17:00-17:30: Coffee break

     BANQUET: 21:00 (Thursday, January 18)

                      Friday, January 19, 2007


SPECIAL SESSION: Image-Based Measurement and Tracking and Their Applications

Chair: James Chen-Chien Hsu

Improvements and applications of the   Ming-chih Lu, Chen-chien Hsu, Yin-yu Lu    550-195
image-based distance measuring system
Real-time tracking of human body based Chen-chien Hsu, Tsung-chi Lu               550-194
on discrete wavelet transform
Three dimensional distance             Ti-ho Wang, Ming-chi Lu, Chen-chien Hsu,   550-193
measurement based on single digital    Yin-yu Lu, Cheng-pei Tsai
Measurement of the state of hole with  Chin-Tun Chuang, Ming-Chi Lu, Chen-Chien   550-192
one exposure using a single digital    Hsu, Yin-Yu Lu
Image- and robot-based distance and    Wei-yen Wang, Ming-vhih Lu, Ti-ho Wang,    550-237
area measuring method                  Cheng-pei Tsai, Yin-yu Lu
Real-Time Image Based Homecare            Pei-Jun Lee, Chien-Pang Han, Effendi    550-273
Service System

11:00-11:30: Coffee-break


SESSION: Control systems

Chair: Yung-Shan Chou, Yanlei Zhao

Robust controller designs for systems     Yung-Shan Chou,Chun-chen Lin,Yen-hsin   550-417
with real parametric uncertainties        Chen
A bmi approach to robust controller       Yung-Shan Chou,Chun-chen Lin,Yen-hsin   550-418
design for systems with real parametric   Chen
Robust controller designs for systems     Yung-Shan Chou, Chun-chen Lin           550-419
with nonlinear uncertainties
A Slot Harmonic Detection with an         Ibrahim Al-Bahadly, William Phipps      550-143
Empirical Formula to Extend the Speed
Range Control in 3-Phase IM Drives
LMI Approach to Simultaneous Output-      Yung-Chang Chang, King-Tan Lee          550-431

Feedback Stabilization for Interval Time-
Delay Systems
Selective harmonic elimination pwm          Yanlei Zhao                                     550-128
based on walsh transform and its
application in dynamic voltage restorer

14:00-15:00: Lunch break


SESSION: Telecommunication Systems and data monitoring systems

Chair: Algimantas Citavicius, Hyun M. Park

Risk Assessment of Damages due to       P. Unahalekhaka, K. Chinnabutr, S. Paijit, S. 550-206
Lightning Discharges: A Case Study to a Asawasripongtorn
Telecommunication System in Singburi
Province of Thailand.
Combined RFID with sensor of motion     Byungkwan Ju, Kyoungkeun Kim, Youngwoog 550-215
detect for security system              Yoon, Yeongseog Lim
Power Line Induction affect to              P. Unahalekhaka, K. Chinnabutr, S. Paijit, S.   550-205
SubscriberΤs telephone during GDTsΤ         Asawasripongtorn
Investigation of Heat Meters Data           Algimantas Citavicius, Vytautas Knyva,          550-360
Processing Software                         Mindaugas Knyva

17:00-17:30: Coffee break


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