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									                                       Department of Family and Community Medicine

                                       Gynecology Rotation
                             2 week outpatient rotation in the 1st year.

Contact person: Christine Chavez, 4-6908

Further experience during 2nd year OB rotation while carrying the GYN pager, and during
continuity clinic. (Contact person: Dr. Eidson-Ton)

Educational Goals:

The overall educational goal for the Women’s Health curriculum is to train residents in all
aspects of care for women including a family-oriented approach to common women’s health
issues, evolving into respectful and professional health care providers to women. The
curriculum is designed to prepare the residents to care for women with common clinical
problems in the ambulatory setting, care for women with respect and sensitivity and
perform exams and procedures common in women’s health with proficiency and skill.

The focus of the Gynecology rotation is on developing competence in the Well Woman Exam
which includes performing appropriate breast and pelvic exam, identifying normal and
abnormal exams and the appropriate evaluation for abnormal exams. Also understanding of
the preventative health services and counseling across the age spectrum.

Outpatient Gynecology Learning Objectives:

   1. The learner will demonstrate an understanding of preventative health care
      recommendations specific to women of all ages.
   2. The learner will understand the indication and the performance of procedures related
      to women’s health.
   3. The learner should demonstrate competence in the Well Woman Exam.
   4. The learner will be able to communicate with the patient the importance of lifestyle
      factors on prevention of gynecologic cancers and common health concerns of
   5. The learner will integrate data from evidence-based resources into patient
      management strategies.
   6. The learner will recognize the costs of care and provide effective care.

Gynecology Rotation Template:

        MONDAY              TUESDAY              WEDNESDAY                THURSDAY                 FRIDAY
        FP GYN            GYN CLINIC                                                            GYN CLINIC
                                                 GYN lectures              FPC Clinic
        CLINIC             (OB/GYN)                                                              (OB/GYN)
                         12:30 GRAND                                       NOON
                            ROUNDS                                      CONFERENCE
                                                   Intern OB
      GYN CLINIC          GYN CLINIC                 Clinic              COMMUNITY              INFERTILITY
       (OB/GYN)            (OB/GYN)                  - DR.               EXPERIENCE               CLINIC

            University of California Davis, School of Medicine, Department of Family & Community Medicine
                          4860 Y Street, Suite 2320, Sacramento, CA 95817 916-734-2833

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