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					Sample teaching resume

When it comes to creating a resume, elementary teachers need to know the words that
count. For this reason, you should check out an elementary teacher resume sample so
that you can learn the best words for a winning resume. These words must be distinct
and relevant terms that will be searched for by your prospective employer. These
words may include, but are certainly not limited to those in the following list:


With these words in mind, you need to use your elementary teacher resume sample to
learn the right format for a teacher's resume. Of course, no two resumes are expected
to be identical, however, there are basic categories that you can learn from an
elementary teacher resume sample that are relatively universal.

These categories include:

Your contact information
Your statement of objective
Your education
Your professional preparation
Your experience
Additional relevant information.

Your resume should begin with a heading that includes all of your contact
information. This should consist of your name, address, telephone number, and email
address. It should be found at the very top of the resume so that it can be easily
located when the prospective employer wishes to interview you.

Your statement of objective should be a clear and concise statement that includes the
grades you would like to teach as well as your teaching certification. To add some
professional individuality to your statement of objective, you may wish to include any
interests that you have in supervising extracurricular activities, or your intention for a
career in education.

The education portion of your resume should include all of your collage experiences,
with your most advanced degree appearing first. You should mention the institution
where you earned each of your degrees and diplomas, its location, and your
graduation date. If your GPA is 3.0 or higher, you may consider listing it as well. You
may also want to include any special or unique educational experiences in which you
have participated.

The professional preparation section is the place where you should include your
experience other than actual work experience. This means you should write about any
student teaching, practicum, and field experience here. For each one, indicate the
school, location, and date where the experience took place. List any teaching
assignments, the number of classes or students, the grade levels, subjects, lesson plans
you created, unit plans you designed, additional assignments, and any other relevant

Your experience section is where you lay out each of your actual teaching positions.