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As per studies obtained from the Labor institute, it is estimated that there will be a
rapid expansion of nursing positions over the next five years. While this signals good
news for all those who aspire to be nurses, it also entails a very tough competitive
climate. The most coveted nursing positions will see a large influx of candidates
applying for them and hence proper presentation of credentials will assume
paramount significance. This is where effective and artful resume writing for nurses is
critical if they wish to secure a proper position and career in the nursing segment.

Educational Qualifications

Apart from inclusion of information such as date of graduation, name and degree
information, you should also mention information about specific grants, academic
honors or fellowships and scholarships, which were awarded to you when you were
studying. This helps lend more credibility and impact to a nurse's resume and
employers are more likely to choose a candidate with honors and fellowships
compared to any ordinary nurse.

Clinical Rotations

For those nurses who already have the requisite experience in this segment, a mention
of clinical rotations is a good idea when it comes to writing the resume. If any or more
of these clinical rotations pertains to the career position you are applying for, then a
mention of this will help you clinch the job faster.

Fresh Candidates

If you do not have experience in the nursing segment or have limited amount of
experience then you can mention information about any clinical rotations you have
completed as far as resume writing goes. You can also mention about relevant courses
you have attended or studied, which pertain to the niche you are applying at. If you
have finished your graduation and have a higher GPA, you need to mention as well as
highlight the fact in your resume. You can include the GPA scores in the education
portion of the resume.

License Information

If you have finished the license process, you need to furnish appropriate license
information in the relevant section of the resume. You need to provide information
about the state where you received the license as well as date when the license came
into effect. Your employer would typically ask you for a copy of the license once you
get an offer there is no need to provide the license number within the resume.

Key Skills

Since competition will be fierce in the nursing segment in years to come, it goes
without saying that employers will only be scanning your resume and in the first ten
seconds will form their impression about you. Hence you need to highlight specific
keywords, which illustrate your experience in this segment. Use bullet points to
highlight experience in specialized niches as well as compliance information and
administration of medication etc. These aspects will help to make resume writing for
nursing more effective and get you noticed for prospective jobs.