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Sample nursing resume

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									Sample nursing re sume

Most resumes submitted by nurses are formatted in a relatively standard style, with
the exception of only a few small personal preferences. Therefore, it is important that
you make sure that you look at a sample nurse resume or two to be certain that you
know what this typical layout looks like, and you're showing your prospective
employer a resume that he or she is expecting and can work with.

The following are the basic layout components that you should observe in a quality
sample nurse resume:

Contact Information - the first thing that you should see in any sample nurse resume
should be the full name, address, telephone number, and email address. This
information is vital to your resume's success since it makes certain that your co ntact
information is easily available when your prospective employer is ready to offer you
an interview.

Objective - The second part to a sample nurse resume should be an objective
statement that should be no longer than one or two sentences. This statement should
be extremely professional, and never written in the first person. It should be a clear
and concise statement which expresses your goals as they relate directly to the
position you're applying for.

Qualification Summary - This statement may either be present on the cover letter, or
used instead of an objective statement. This summary provides your prospective
employer with concise details of your unique skills as they are relevant to the position
to which you are applying. This can either be done by using a short, thorough
paragraph, or a bulleted list.

Education - this section will tell your potential employer about the school(s) where
you have obtained your nursing degree, or where you are currently enrolled and are
earning your nursing degree. This should also include any upgrades that you have
made to your nursing degree. If you wish, you may also state other areas of education
that you have received certifications, degrees, and diplomas, however, leave out your
high school information since this will not interest or impress your prospective
employer at all. You may, however, mention any awards, special projects,
scholarships, or programs of training you have achieved if they are relevant to the
position you want.

Work experience - here, you should list all of your work experience as it applies to the
job you want.

Awards, honors, and certifications - you can either include this in your education
section, or make a whole section of it. This section is especially important if you have
little work experience. It will help place more focus on your skills and abilities.

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