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Having trouble getting started on your cover letter? You're not alone. Most of the
hundreds of thousands that get sent each day were written with much effort on the
side of the applicants, not to mention a lot of head scratching. It doesn't matter
whether you're a college student looking for an internship or an experienced career
changer looking for a new job - writing these letters can be quite the challenge. If
you're stumped, you could probably use some help from a template.

What is it?

These templates are nothing but prepared cover letters that contains a general pattern
or layout of how it can look like. It can come in different writing styles and
arrangement and you simply have to delete some portions and add your own. These
templates are used widely and may in fact consist a good bulk of all the cover letters
used in the job market.

Why you should use one?

A template, if it's well written, contains all the necessary elements. It has the style and
body you can follow to give you enough idea on how to write your own. A template
can also save you much time, especially if you're sending your application to multiple
employers and you need one fast.

On the other hand, a cover letter template can spell disaster if you don't know how to
use it properly. The templates are better treated as guides to writing your own letter
and should not be substituted for a well-written letter that you can do yourself.

Remember that a template was written without considering your own personal
qualifications and the job requirements of the company you're applying to. There's a
risk that you could end up using a highly generic template that will sound almost
'robotic' and unnatural.

Worse, it could be a template that has not been updated for many years. If you've ever
read a cover letter that was written 10 years ago and compared it with one that's
written recently, you will see the difference not only in tone and style but also in the
choice of words.

Try to keep updated with the newer cover letters and use those as a guide if you're
unsure about the template you're using. Reading a few currently published and
updated books and resources will give you an idea of what to look for. Many hiring
officers can take one look and see some similarities with dozens, even hundreds, of
letters they've seen before.

If your letter reads as if it were taken from a template, most companies will take that
as a mild sign of incompetence and insecurity. You might also end up looking very
unprofessional. If you must use a cover letter, use one that will best market you as a
highly competent and reliable professional.

There are plenty of templates you can purchase online but there are also sites that
offer for you to use them for free. Check out or go to and for more templates.