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					Journal of Opthalmic Photography                                                                                               About the Cover   3

                                   About the Cover

    The 3-D print on the cover was generously supplied by            readily obtain a dramatic stereo image by Marshall Tyler at
LenTec, Inc. Their process can reproduce stereo images made          the Wake Forest University Eye Center, Winston-Salem, NC.
from a fixed stereo camera system such as the Nidek Stereo           The title is "Optic Disc Edema," and was made on a Nidek
Camera. These can be printed onto lenticular transparency            camera.
fil m or reflective paper for direct stereo viewing. For further        The other image on the cover is the First Place Award in
information on this process you may contact Tom Steimer              the OPS' Stereo Fundus category for 1992. It was submitted
at LenTec Corporation, 4850 River Green Parkway, Duluth,             by Debbie Adams of Lubbock, Texas, and is titled "Colobo-
Georgia 30106. (404) 497-0727.                                       ma." It has been reproduced by the more conventional method
    Originally, the idea was to reproduce a first place award        of stereo viewing.
from last year's OPS stereo competition. As it turns out, the           The two adjacent photographs display a stereo image when
LenTec system needs to print from                                                               viewed with a pair of stereo magni-
a well-registered pair of images.                                                               fying glasses. The centers of the
Most ophthalmic stereo slides are                                                               two images are two inches apart,
taken sequentially and with a                                                                   which is the average approxima-
shifting of the camera to make for                                                              tion of a person's own pupilary
stereo separation. This time delay                                                              separation. You should then be
prohibits an accurate overlay of                                                                able to focus each eye on each half
the two images needed for the len-                                                              of the stereo pair. If your brain is
ticular printing process.                                                                       working, it will fuse the two im-
    With the deadline approaching                                                               ages, enabling you to appreciate a
and still wanting to reproduce a                                                                dimensional effect, also known as
stereo cover, we were able to                                                                   stereopsis.

                                   Stereo Ophthalmic Photography

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Donaldson D, A New Camera for Stereoscopic Fundus Photography.       For further reading on stereo ophthalmic photography, this reference list was
 Tr. Am. Ophth. Soc. 62: 429-458, 1964                               compiled by Marshall Tyler.
                                                             Volume 15 Number 1
                                                                       April 1993

Founded in 1977 by the Ophthalmic Photographers' Society, Inc.
              Don Wong, F.O.P.S., Founding Editor

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