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Evening Program for parents and kids by dustindiamond


									 The Woodside Ave PTA presents an evening program for
               parents and children…
               “How to Invent Stories With Your Kids!”
Kids are naturally adept at inventing stories. And parents can help to bring those stories
out, even in the usual hectic pace of today’s families. It doesn’t take an elaborate plan or
hours of time – just a simple knowledge of a story’s structure and the right questions to ask
a child.

“How to Invent Stories With Your Kids!” is a program designed to help busy
parents and kids create stories together. It’s fast-paced and fun and practical!

The program:
The presentation interweaves helpful tips with audience-involving demonstrations. Kids and adults
together will get caught up in the creative flow as they brainstorm story ideas. They’ll learn the
basics of making a story from scratch, and participate in activities like Wacky Headlines and Four-
Square Stories – fun and easy ways to get a story going. The final activity will end with making a
large marker illustration of the story they create for the school to keep.

The presenter:
        Bruce Van Patter has worked with over 90,000 students in brainstorming story sessions.
        His spontaneous creativity and quick sense of humor have made him a widely popular
        presenter. He loves to inspire families to create stories together.

Where? Woodside Ave gym

When?           Wednesday, March 4th 2009 from 7 – 8 pm

Why?      This is a unique opportunity for parents and their
children to work together to create stories and have fun at
the same time. It really demonstrates the connection
between reading, writing, and fun!

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