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									Personnel performance evaluation

A crucial factor in the success and effectiveness of any employee performance evaluation
is the monitoring of employee's performance. This means to regularly check how
employees are doing their tasks and performing their duties and responsibilities as against
what is expected of them. The employee performance evaluation form allows strict
monitoring and helps ensure that employees meet the expectations of the company.

Monitoring of performance can be done through the following:

• Review of the employee's output;

• Actual observance of an employee's performance at his workstation;

• Assessment of the employee's self-evaluation report;

• Accessing and analyzing employee performance documents;

• Queries on employee's peers and clients.

If strict monitoring is implemented, any issues relative to the performance of the
employee can be immediately addressed. Monitoring can be done on a regular basis as
scheduled or at random depending on the need.

It is also through monitoring that management can get data needed to evaluate
performance. For an effective evaluation, the accuracy of these data is critical. The
evaluation form is a tool to ensure the accuracy of the monitoring reports.

Through the form, management can see if a certain people are meeting, exceeding, or
failing to meet performance expectations and institute the corresponding action. It is to be
noted however and communicated to the employees that monitoring is being done to
improve performance and not to harass them.

With proper documentation using the form and implementation of monitoring as part of
the performance evaluation system, there shall be no reason for the team not to accept the
results and improve their performance. : Over 200 ebooks, templates, forms for
performance appraisal.

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