Description of Practica for the CTC Program

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					                  The San Francisco SPCA Academy For Dog Trainers
   2500 16th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103-4213 (415) 554-3095 (415) 554-3017

          Description of Practica for the CTC Program

Each academy student is assigned an untrained shelter dog every two weeks (total of three dogs
over the six-week program). They will be evaluated on this dog’s execution of basic obedience
(sit, down, stand, stay, wait at doorways, leave-it, come, solving of leash-control problems,
heeling, retrieve etc.). Emphasis will be placed on both training technique and final dog
performance. Their project dog will accompany them to in-academy obedience classes as well as
be recruited for experiments and assignments.
Students will also, in week three, be assigned a behavior case for assignment #9. Students may
also elect (and are encouraged) to recruit different shelter dogs for their experiments and

1) Obedience Practice Classes and Coaching
   Students are coached on teaching their project dogs a series of basic commands. Students
   will participate with their project dogs in classes that are planned and taught by their peers.
   Student-instructors will be evaluated on their class plan as well as their instructing and class
   management skills. An instructor-led roundtable discussion will follow each practice class to
   give feedback to the class instructor

2) Assisting and Teaching of Obedience Classes
   Students will teach two sessions of Academy obedience classes and assist in two classes
   taught by Academy students
   Students will complete written lesson plans for both classes taught, and participate in
   obedience class debriefs.

3) Classical conditioning assignment
   Conditioned emotional response. Students will condition an emotional response in a dog to
   a previously neutral stimulus

4) Interviewing Skills Case Interview and Follow-up
   Student teams will do conduct supervised 60-minute consultation, history-taking and
   behavior modification plan development on a presenting problem, using interview questions
   they have developed. The students will then help clients develop a goal statement and will
   recommend and demonstrate interventions, provide materials and write up follow up
   instructions. Students will be evaluated on their interviewing, history-taking, hands on
   coaching, ability to shape client behavior, and written treatment plan.

5) Behavior Case Assignment
   Each student will be assigned a dog with a behavior problem from the shelter population.
   The student will be required to gather all relevant history from shelter records and
   interviews with staff and volunteers familiar with the dog, and then perform direct
   observations as well as training sessions in order to select and refine appropriate resolution
                 The San Francisco SPCA Academy For Dog Trainers
  2500 16th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103-4213 (415) 554-3095 (415) 554-3017

   techniques. From detailed notes gathered during this process, students will prepare an
   adopter-accessible training plan to address the problem.

6) Basic Obedience Evaluation of Project Dogs
   Students will be evaluated on their training techniques as well as outcomes on their three
   obedience project dogs

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