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Resume and cover letter examples


Resume and cover letter examples

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									Resume and cover letter examples

The resume cover letter is your personal sale copy, and it is an important document
used in the job-hunting process. You need to advertise yourself to the perspective
employer using this letter to win interview in job search.

You can have only one page to write a convincing cover letter and you need to
promote yourself, your competencies, and the contributions you can offer to the
potential employer's organization.

How to write a resume cover letter? Here are some simple and proven guidelines you
can follow to write a successful and persuasive letter.

1. Begin you cover letter writing process by taking some time to research the
company. Go to the company's web site to review the products, company's
philosophy, recent news, person to contact, etc. You can incorporate this information
into your letter.

2. Resume must always be enclosed with a cover letter.

3. Address the letter to an individual and not to the bulk recipient or general recipient
such as "To Whom it May Concern".

4. Make use of the first paragraph effectively to promote your qualifications for the
position you apply. Respond to the advertisement and requirements of the job
precisely. Describe how you can contribute to the potential company and prove your

5. Always send the original letter with personal signature. Preferable to be signed in
blue ink.

6. Request for a job interview in the cover letter. Mention in your letter that you will
contact the company to follow up the case. This will tremendously increase the
opportunity to be called for an interview.

7. Never send a cover letter with typo, punctuation, spelling and grammar mistakes.
Always use a clean white paper for the letter.

8. Never send a generic letter to different companies. Cover letter must be customized
to a specific employer. If you are having difficulties to get started, consider to bench
mark the proven sample of cover letter from the gurus.

9. Use straightforward sentence structure and language. Keep the letter within one
page and do not waste any precious space for unnecessary details.

10. Provide an email address and a day phone number where the perspective employer
can reach you at anytime.
If you want to get started and learn more on how to write a resume cover letter, you
can get the proven sample of cover letter

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