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Resume format template


Resume format template

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									Resume format template

Have you recently pulled your resume out to reembark on a job search only to find it
looks tired, outdated and old? Follow these quick tips to freshen up a tired resume

Firstly you need to select a clean, organised template. The template should have little
or no color, all be one consistent font, have areas to present information clearly such
as bullet lists or tables and be limited to 2 pages on average.

Next you need to research the position you would like to apply for to write down any
power words or keywords that they use to describe tasks or skills required.

Clearly state your objective in a simple sentence at the beginning of the resume.

Now you need to focus on the list of key skills that you have that are relatable to the
position. Stick to no more than 10 but use your best attributes to sell yourself here.

The next section should have your most recent job position. Include company, time
worked their and tasks conducted. If you had any key success moments that include a
subtitle for highlights to add them here.

You next sections should be other jobs you have worked within organised
chronologically from most recent to the oldest at the last section.

Education is the next are to include a summarized list of any qualifications obtained
and the year. A table is best to keep this information easy to scan through.

Finally add a small section for availability advising what days you are available to
work and referees.

In short if you follow these guidelines your resume will have that freshened up look to
meet current industry standards.

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