Resume format for freshers

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					Resume format for freshers

Recruitment agencies change the requirements of resume formats over time just like
any industry. The reason for this is to keep up with the changing requirements of
businesses. A question often asked is this..."How do you know what format they are
looking for?"

If you follow these tips you will ensure your resume ticks off all the format guidelines
to get your through to a thorough review...

Tip 1

Keep the format simple (Neat, choose 1 font only, minimal color, used headings to
make it easy to read and lists)

Tip 2

Include an objective under your contact information to clearly state why you are

Tip 3

Provide a list of relevant skills under your objective

Tip 4

Include keywords or power words that are congruent with your industry or the job

Tip 5

List your job experience form most recent to the oldest

Tip 6

Under each job list responsibilities and tasks undertaken and highlights if there were
any stand out moments

Tip 7

Include education with training provider, year, qualification or training undertaken

Tip 8

Include Availability to list how much notice you need to provide, and what days of
week and hours you are available

Tip 9
Consider adding a section to state salary expectations if matching salary is important
to you

Tip 10

Referees should be included or at the very least a statement for "Referees willingly
provided upon request"

By following these simple guidelines you can ensure that your resume has all the
essential elements to get you through the first door. Good luck with your job hunting.