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Resume formats and examples


Resume formats and examples

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									Resume formats and examples

When you're applying for a job, you can't instantly churn up a resume from just any
resume format. You need to think about a lot of factors first, including your skills, job
experience, education, and more. There are three basic types of resume formats
online, and not all of them work the same way.

The key to finding the right resume format is to determine your strengths and
weaknesses as a professional or applicant first. Your resume, needless to say, should
showcase your best assets and buffer your possible weaknesses. Below are the three
basic resume formats commonly used these days.

Chronological resume

Chronological resumes are the most basic type of resumes because it simply lists the
applicant's work and educational history in reverse chronological order. However, it's
also one of the most difficult resume formats to use because it bares all the possible
weaknesses an applicant may have. These weaknesses include employment gaps or
educational gaps which may make the applicant less than ideal for the position.
Unless you have an impressive and consistent work history to show off, this resume
format is not for you.

Functional resume

The functional resume is mostly used by entry-level applicants and professionals who
are going through a career shift. This format highlights the skills of the applicant
without dwelling on his/her work background. While this is the easiest resume to
compose, it's also one of the hardest to trust on the part of the recruiter. If you're an
entry-level applicant, you may want to consider using a combination resume format
instead of this one.

Combination resume

The combination resume fuses all the best assets of the previous resume formats.
Combination resumes highlight the skills of the applicants without totally neglecting
his/her work history. While it starts off with a detailing of the applicant's skills, it ends
with a chronological list of his/her work background.

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