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					                             Family Advocacy Program
                    Phone: Comm. 294-7886/87/60, DSN 271-7886/87/60
                        Hours of Operation: 0730-1630, Mon-Fri

The mission of the Family Advocacy Program (FAP) is to help build healthy Air Force
communities by developing, implementing and evaluating policies and programs designed to
PREVENT, INTERVENE and TREAT child & spouse maltreatment and intimate partner

      OUTREACH & PREVENTION – promotes alliance between leadership, agencies and
       the community to :
           o Facilitate an atmosphere of nonviolence in the home and work
           o Encourage member and family asset and skill development
           o Foster personal, family and community capacity, resilience and sustainability
           o Enhance victim safety by providing information on victim resources
           o Build member and family strengths that support mission readiness

      NEW PARENT SUPPORT PROGRAM – The thrill of a new baby is on of life’s most
       wonderful and challenging experiences. However, parenthood is the role we are least
       prepared for. Our goal as health care professionals is to change that by educating and
       preparing parents to handle adoption, pregnancy, birth and up through the first three years
       of infant care.
           o Home visits
           o Educations on pregnancy and all aspects of infant/toddler care
           o Free books, calendars and handouts
           o Empathy belly demonstration for expectant fathers
           o Family and relationship prevention counseling provided by clinical social workers

      MALTREATMENT INTERVENTION – According to both Air Force and DoD
       instruction, ALL active duty members and civilians [working for DoD] are mandated to
       report any suspicion of child & spouse maltreatment and intimate partner violence.
           o FAP seeks to identify & treat incidents of maltreatment and intimate partner
           o Interventions aim to enhance healthy family interactions
           o Counseling services available individual, marriage and family

       PROGRAM (SNIAC) –
          o Formerly the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP)
          o Mandatory enrollment when a family member is identified with a chronic, non-
            routine medical, psychological and educational needs
          o Ensures assignments match needs
          o Reassignments
          o Deferments