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									Simple resume template

Writing a simple resume is rather easy. There are four main parts that need to be

They are:

1. Job goals or objectives
2. Education
3. Past work experience
4. Skills

Each part should be short and to the point. You do not need to write a novel about
your past four jobs or list you education qualities back to kindergarten. An employer
is looking to see if your qualification meets their needs with respect to skills and
experience. These are the two main areas that are the most important when crafting
your simple resume.

The job goals or career objectives category is always limited to one sentence. Just a
brief note as to your future goals or objectives is all that is needed here.

Your education should be aimed at the job you're applying for. Mention items about
your education that qualifies you for the job. But again, keep it short, yet loaded with
details. Don't just write dates and places, use some simple action words like
completed, achieved, awarded and so forth.

Like mentioned above, your experience and skills are going to be your most important
part of your simple resume. Use keywords and buzz words in explaining your skills
and experience. Use industry jargon or acronyms to help emphasis skills and

Other items for writing a simple resume would be to strive for plenty of white space
on the page. Don't crunch your information tightly together. Your goal is to let the
reader take in all your information without any "information over load". Remember
the employer is most likely to scan your resume first before reading it in detail. So
make it easy for him/her to scan your resume for the important details and highlights.

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