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					The Art of Decision Making
  And Problem Solving

     By Wal Heinrich

EFT Master Maggie Adkins
Decision Making
Most of us have major decisions to make in life from time to time. Decision making is easy for
some, but others just can't make up their mind with even the easiest decisions, let alone the difficult
problems. As far as decision making tools go, Maggie's Decision Destroyer beats them all for day to
day decision making and problem solving. It is the ultimate decision maker because it helps us to
make better decisions, and because it helps people who suffer from indecision to actually make
powerful, good decisions quickly and easily, in just a couple of minutes.

EFT Master Maggie Adkins
As those who know her will testify, when it comes to decision making, Maggie is awesome. But
even she used to have difficulty making a decision when the choices were similar. Then she came
up with a brilliant decision making process called “Maggie’s Decision Destroyer”. I will let Maggie
explain her decision making process in her own words.

Decision Making Using Maggie’s Decision Destroyer
EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) are primarily known for their ability to release pain, phobias,
fear, past traumas and negative beliefs about yourself and the world. However, making clear
decisions is another fascinating usage for this amazing technique. And you can put it to good use
easily in your day to day decision making.

Decision Making Examples From Clients
Some examples of problems my clients have resolved using this easy and powerful decision making
technique are:
    •   Is it best for me to rent again or buy a house now?
    •   I have two possible names for my business – which one is the best?
    •   Want to go out to dinner – is Thai or good old Aussie food best for me tonight?
    •   I don’t really want to go to that meeting – is it best for me to go or stay home?

Decision Making Made Simple
The above are just a few examples to get you started thinking about how my Decision Destroyer
decision making process can be of value to you. You can use this for any decision that you find
difficult. It’s just this simple.

Step by Step Decision Making
Step 1 – Write Down Your Choices
It is important that you actually write down your choices instead of just thinking about them. When
you write something down, you can actually see it and you will most probably use more descriptive
and accurate words.
Let’s say you need to choose an estate agent for the sale of a house and you are not sure which
agent to choose. You may have to decide between 2 or 3 or 4 different agents. Write down each
choice as below:
    • “Robby is my estate agent, he does a great job, the house sells and I can move on.”
    • “Jan is my estate agent, she does a great job, the house sells and I can move on.”
Please note that the above affirmations are very specific. They name the person, say he/she does a
great job, the house actually sells and the person can move on.

Step 2 – Find A Quiet Place to Sit & Tap
Now that you have written your choices down in a clear affirmation, find a quiet space where you
will not be disturbed for 5-10 minutes. Using the first affirmation, say the entire affirmation once at
each of the EFT points.

Decision Making – How And Where To Tap
I’ll give you the tapping points here, just in case you are brand new to EFT. Lightly tap with your
fingertips on each EFT point about 7-10 times while saying your complete affirmation. While you
are doing this process, tune into your inner voice and your body sensations. Often the body will get
calmer or go into a little anxiety in response to this process. This is decision making by allowing the
body to tell you which decision is best for you.

Tapping Points For Decision Making
Tap on these points in order while saying your affirmation once at each point:
    • Karate Chop Point – side of hand by little finger. In middle between wrist joint and first
      joint for little finger.
    • Top of head – tap on crown of head
    • Eyebrow – tap just above where the eyebrow starts
    • Side of eye – about an inch back from where your eye ends
    • Under eye – about an inch under your eye
    • Under your nose – in middle of your face, just under your nose
    • Under your lips – just under your lips in middle of face
    • Collarbone – just under the beginning of the bone that goes around your neck and almost
      meets in the middle of your throat. Go to one side or the other and tap.
    • Under arm – about a hand span down from your armpit.
    • Wrist – about where you would wear a watch on top or bottom of your arm

Step 3 – How does it feel?
The above is one round of EFT. Take a nice deep breath and maybe some water and see how your
body feels. What is it telling you?

Step 4 – Repeat steps 2 and 3
After a minute or two, do the same process with the other affirmation you have written down. Note
the difference in how you feel. Often there is a big difference, making decision making easy.

Step 5 – Decision Making
Most people are surprised at the difference they feel right away. If you cannot tell which decision is
best for you, repeat the process. If you are brand new to this, you may need to do this 2 or 3 times.
Continue listening to your inner voice and tuning in to how your body feels.
Tune In For Decision Making
Our body is a fine diagnostic tool for how we are living our life. Yet we have tuned it out over the
years and then wonder why we have pain or discomfort. If you do this process and listen to your
body, you will most probably be both surprised and amazed at how easy decision making becomes.

For more information about Wal, EFT and decision making, go to Decision Making With Maggie's
Decision Destroyer.

Description: Decision making tool for making good decisions. How to make decisions and solve problems quickly and easily.
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