Web Site Do's and Don'ts by prm13338


									                           Web Site Do's and Don'ts
Simple suggestions on how to maximize your Web site with the right content.

By Kristi Lynes Kennelly
   •   Do put yourself in your potential client's shoes, and ensure that your Web site
       answers a few basic questions.
          1. What are you going to do for me for free?
          2. Why should I trust you? (family, civic responsibilities, testimonials)
          3. What about you can I identify with? (affiliations, interests)
          4. What makes you an expert in the area I want to live? (how long have
              you been in the area, etc.)
          5. What differentiates you from all the other agents in the area?

   •   Do keep it short and sweet, your Web site is not the place to write your

   •   Don't add fluff, and don't overdo the awards and designations. Translate your
       credentials into real benefits you can offer your clients.

   •   DON'T TYPE IN ALL CAPS. It is visually unappealing, and in web-speak it is
       the equivalent of yelling.

   •   Do keep your information current and correct.

   •   Do add links to local areas of interest, the chamber of commerce, your
       favorite spots.

   •   Do learn some basic HTML. You'd be amazed at how quickly you can pick up a
       few tricks, such as how to bold and italicize text or add a hyperlink. For a
       great getting started tutorial, check out http://www.htmlgoodies.com.

   •   Don't skimp on your photo. Since photos are typically the first thing you look
       for on a Web site, you should prioritize making yours work for you.
           1. Avoid the typical portrait pose.
           2. Don't don the suit and pearls. Wear your typical attire, what you wear
              on client visits.
           3. Try something different with your photos. Let your personality come
              across. Why not feature a family shot, you and your pet, a caricature?
              As long as it is a high quality, tasteful image that conveys your
              business image, you can't go wrong.
           4. Change your photo often. Use holiday and special occasion photos to
              add some pizzazz to your Web site.

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