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					                GAURANG TRIVEDI - SEO EXPERT CV
                       0091-9824642437 -
                            Ahmedabad, Gujarat 382006 - INDIA

    Strategic, marketing savvy team leader with 4+ years experience with interactive and
    social media. Comprehensive knowledge and hands on experience with Social
    Networks, Communities, Blogs, Analytics, Email and SEO.

    My background is solidly rooted in the world of web development and project
    management. I have spent the last several years combining my technical and people
    management skills with the area of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Online

    My goal is to effectively bridge the divide between Search Engine Marketing and
    Online Businesses.

                                  CAREER OBJECTIVE
    To thrive on professional credentials and seek a challenging job in a reputed
    organization and to integrate my SEM/SEO, Online Marketing, Analytical and
    Designing skills in the latest IT industry especially to excel in the field of SEO/SEM
    (Internet Marketing / Search Engine Optimization), E-mail Marketing and Direct

    Obtain permanent full time employment in an environment that will allow me to utilize
    my professional and interpersonal skills, while promoting personal growth.

                                 CAREER HIGHLIGHTS
    November 2006 - Present                      Ahmedabad, Gujarat, INDIA
    Team Leader of SEO Department, Hi-Tech Outsourcing Services
    Roles and Duties:
        Managed full service SEO, SEM and internet marketing by providing strategic
         leadership to team of 14 SEO professionals. Led SEO strategy creation,
         maintained and managed all leads efforts.
        Introduced an approach to incorporating social media optimization to augment
         the traditional SEO offerings already in place.
        Spearheaded efforts to develop in-house tools to automated and streamline SEO
         related activities to increase profitability while providing more value to clients.
        Determined the strategy and executed the tactics necessary to drive traffic to
         websites with the ultimate goal of delivering a positive ROI via conversions and
     Optimized websites in industries such as BPO, Engineering, Software
      Development, Website Design & Development, IT Outsourcing, Finance and
February 2006 - June 2006                                  Ahmedabad, Gujarat, INDIA
Jr. Associate (Jr. SEO), Jeenec Technologies
Roles and Duties:
     SEs/Dir Submissions
     Article Creation and Distribution
     Press Release Writing and Publication
     Classifieds Advertising
     Blogs Creation & Posting
     Forums Submission
     Social Bookmarking
     Social Networking
     Google Base & Reader
     Website Designing
February 2004 - January 2006                               Ahmedabad, Gujarat, INDIA
Jr. System Administrator, Dhara System
     Sound familiarity with Windows2000 and WindowsXP at the user level,
      including user and application installation.
     Familiarity with Microsoft Office, printing and Windows networking.
     Familiarity with Intel-compatible hardware.
     Advanced ability (building and configuring machines, hardware
     Expert in Windows server 2000/ 2003, NT4.0, Microsoft Active Directory, DNS,
     Fantastic ability to learn new material quickly.
     A solid understanding of networking fundamentals and security.
     Uncommon ability to work independently and as part of a team.
November 2006 - January 2004                                     Backnang, GERMANY
IT Specialist, AFT GmbH
     Analyze, log, track and complex software and hardware matters of significance
      pertaining to networking connectivity issues, printer, server, and application to
      meet business needs.
     Coordinate hardware and software installations and upgrades to ensure work is
      performed in accordance with company policy. Recommends resolutions to
      complex matters of significance and coordinate the implementation of the
      approved course of action.
     Coordinate and monitor troubleshooting to isolate and diagnose common
      system problems: document system events to ensure continu ous functioning.
          Recommend course of action and implement as approved.
         Coordinate testing, upgrade and configuration of system files and services.
          Ensure changes are in accordance with appropriate operating procedures.
         Utilize standard corporate tools to record changes, service requests, and
          problem activities for tracking purposes.
    August 1999 - July 2002                                   Ahmedabad, Gujarat, INDIA
    Web Designer, Cybercom Creation
         Created corporate portals, websites and large scale-web based applications.
         Responsible for generating graphic and media essentials by using Photoshop
          and Flash.
         Handled the responsibilities of designing graphics and overall layout of the
          clients website.
         Designed and created color scheme, graphics and images for the client's
          prospective website.
         Worked with marketing professionals to guarantee highest exposure of
         Assigned the tasks of converting written, audio, graphic and video components
          to compatible formats by using software applications.

    Gujarat University, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
    BSC in Chemistry
    IGNOU, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
    Certificate in Computing (CIC) in Basic knowledge about computers.
    NIIT, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India
    Unix, RDBMS & SQL Server

    Brain Bench Certification Exam Successfully passed for :
        Computer Fundamentals (Win-95/98/NT)
        Flash 4.0
        Photoshop 5.5
        3D Max

         Provide strategic planning for all SEM and SEO initiatives and lead the
          execution process.
         Develop monthly plans to promote existing sites and offerings, new product
          launches and key initiatives.
     Plan and allocate annual SEO and SEM budgets.
     Develop business processes for maximizing return on investment for paid search
     Develop strategy and execute plan for growth of organic traffic following
      industry best practices and usability guidelines.
     Partner and lead cross-functional groups and teams, such as Classifieds, News,
      Creative and Web Development, and provide direction for proper
      implementation of SEO recommendations for business related sites.
     Keep up to date with latest search engine trends and technologies to ensure peak
      performance on all search initiatives.
     Define and provide SEO/SEM requirements and guidelines for bloggers, mobile
      sites and new applications for top rank and traffic acquisition.
     Manage a team of developers, designers, content writers and link technicians.
     Performed analysis of online metrics and developed online marketing strategies
      to promote companies websites.

                       TECHNICAL SPECIALIZATION
       Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
       Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
       Social Media Marketing (SMM)
       Social Media Optimization (SMO)
       PPC and Affiliate Marketing
       Generating Leads, Sales and Relative Traffic through Online
       Conversion Optimization
       Google Ad sense & Google Ad words (PPC)
       Google Analytics & Webmaster tool
       Website Design and Development
       Landing Page Design
       CSS and HTML Template Design
       Online Marketing & Branding
       Viral Marketing & Direct Marketing
       Market Research and Industry Analysis

                            YOU CAN R EACH ME @
     Facebook
     Twitter
     Linkedin

     "Gaurang is very friendly person by nature and he has excellent knowledge of
           web designing and SEO. He is able to design SEO friendly websites for any kind
           of business. He is able to handle multiple projects at same time." - Gunjan
           Pandya, SEO/SEM Consultant
          "Gaurang Trivedi did not fail a single time. Gaurang Trivedi is a strong
           strategist. Innovative people team leader with a very strong dedication to work.
           Well educated person, has no problem to work hard when necessary. Has
           natural ability to manage people. If you need a highly committed professional,
           Gaurang Trivedi is the right person." - Himanshu Patel, SEO - Team
          "I know Gaurang since last 4 years. He is genious in Internet Marketing field.
           Technical expertise is his excellence. He is one stop solution i.e. whatever task
           you can assign him and you will get excellent results without any single error.
           He is assets for any organization or management. He is emotionally attached
           towards his work, team members and management in which he is working. You
           can never hear "no" or "impossible" word from him. He is helping each team
           member in every aspect to grow their career. From my last 9+ year career i have
           seen only Gaurang who is updated in internet marketing field on daily basis and
           updating his team on regular basis. Gaurang is focused towards his goals &
           company vision. I am very happy and proudly i can say that he is with me. I wish
           him good luck for his future endeavors." - Tapan Sant, Sr.
           Manager/Director (Operations)
          "Gaurang has good knowledge in SEO and web design. He can leverage the SEO
           and web design best way. He is quick in implementation and always ready to
           take challenging projects. Also, he can easily understand the new subject and
           business in order to execute SEO project." - Harekrishna Patel, Project
           Manager - Online Marketing
          "Gaurang is not only an excellent and achievement oriented team player but also
           an inspiring leader. It was a pleasure to work together with Gaurang, who was a
           hard working. Gaurang is a careful and multi-skilled co-worker that cannot be
           overestimated. Lots of work and little talk - that's Gaurang's way! Is able to
           manage tasks of entire team." - Kalpesh Patel, Manager (SEO)
          "I am very glad to recommend Mr. Gaurang Trivedi aliyas GT:) who is currently
           working in Hitech. Gaurang has excellent communication skill, well manner &
           humble in nature. He is expert SEO guy as well good web designer. Not only me
           anyone who knows gaurang can easily recommend him for his good work,
           ethics, professionalism, expertise in seo & for his designing knowledge." -
           Pankaj Patel, SEO Manager

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                           SEO PROFESSIONAL RESUME


Description: Over 4 years of experience in SEO, SEM, SMM, PPC Marketing, Email Marketing, Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM) and Website Design & Development. Following the ideas of keeping it simple and efficient in every aspect of the SEO/SEM/SMM work process.
Gaurang Trivedi Gaurang Trivedi SEO - Team Leader