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THR10 - Management Administration I - Participant Handbook (2006/Q2) ( Latest File ) THR12 - Management Administration II - Instructor Handbook (2006/Q2) THR12 - Management Administration II - Participant Handbook (2006/Q2)

HR280 - Smart Forms and Adobe Forms in HCM ( 2007/Q3)
THR40 - Human Resources (SAPShowFile) SAPHR - mySAP ERP Human Capital Management - Overview (2006/Q2) HR050 - Human Resources HR050 - Human Resources Essentials Instructor Handbook HR050 - Human Resources Essentials Participant Handbook HR051 - Human Resources Essentials 1 HR052 - Human Resources Essentials 2 HR053 - Human Resources Essentials 3 HR100 - Basics of Personal Administration HR110 - Essentials of Payroll HR120 - Essentials of Personal Planning HR130 - Essentials: SAP Enterprise Portal in HCM (2005/Q3) HR250 - Employee Self-Service in EP6.0 (2005/Q2) HR260 – Manager Self-Services in HCM (2006/Q2) HR270 - SAP Learning Solution Overview Instructor Handbook HR270 - SAP Learning Solution Overview Participant Handbook HR275 - E-Learning with SAP Tutor HR290 – System Configuration for ESS-MSS HR305 - Configuration Of Master Data (2006/Q2) HR306 - Configuration Of Time Recording (2006/Q2) HR307 - Configuration Of HR System Controls HR308 - Time Manager’s Workplace HR310 - Time Evaluation With Clock Times HR311 - Time Evaluation Without Clock Times Instructor Handbook HR311 - Time Evaluation Without Clock Times Participant Handbook HR315 - Recruitment HR316 - E-Recruting (2005/Q2)

HR325 - Benefits Administration (North America) HR325 - Benefits Administration HR350 - Programming In HR HR390 - Introduction To Payroll HR400 - Payroll Configuration (2006/Q2) HR490 - Incentive Wages HR505 - Organizational Management HR506 - Advanced Organizational Management HR510 - Personnel Development HR515 - Training and Event Management HR520 - Shift Planning HR530 - Technical Topics in HR HR540 - Compensation Management HR550 - Personal Cost Planning and Simulation (2005/Q2) HR580 - Reporting In Human Resources HR940 - Authorizations in HR HR990 - Technical Tips and Tricks in HCM (2006/Q2)

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Matrix Management India Payroll HR Tips Integration SD and HR SAP HR Transaction Codes Price Water Cooper Materials on SAP HR SAP HR Audit Program sample mySAP Human Resources Master Guide New Tools to Simplify SAP Payroll and Time Management Configuration eBook on - Practical SAP US Payroll eBook on - Mastering HR Management with SAP

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SAP HR Video Tutorials (.sim) 14 Files
Contains files on :

HR-Organization Structure HR-Benefits-Enrollment Employee Self Service In SAP EP 5.0 HR-Time Management-Management Of Family And Medical Leave HR-Time Management-Message Processing In The Time Managers Workplace HR-Time Management-Time Managers Workplace HR-Balanced Scorecard HR-Benefits-Domestic Partner Handling As Of R3 Enterprise HR-Change Employee Form Of Address HR-Employee Turnover Management HR-Form of Address HR-Human Resources Executive HR-Web Cockpit Dept Manager HR-Web Cockpit Human Resource Analyst(WithNavig) HR-Web Cockpit with Selection

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