Survivor! Oracle Financials 11i Upgrade by vnc74534


Oracle Financials 11i Upgrade
           Release 10.6 character/10.7 NCA to 11i

The Premier Global Integrated Power Provider
  We see the opportunity to change the world with our energy
      A global competitive energy company with leading energy marketing and
       risk management expertise
      Integrated business model:
         Mirant develops, constructs,owns, and operates power plants
         Sells electricity, gas, and other energy related commodity products
      Extensive operations in the Americas, Europe, and Asia
         Assets of $17.7 billion
         Year 2000 earnings of $366 million
         More than 18,000 MW of electric generating capacity worldwide
Formerly known as Southern Energy Inc.
      A subsidiary of the Southern Company
                    What Happened?

April 17, 2000 - Southern Company Board Announces IPO of
  Southern Energy
      offering up to 19.9% of ownership
      subsequent spinoff of remaining ownership to SoCo shareholders within
       12 months
April 2, 2001 - Spinoff of Southern Company ownership
      Mirant separation from Southern Company is completed

   Mirant Business Responsibilities

Identify and replace Southern Company shared services
      Human Resources, Payroll, Treasury, Tax, Finance
Oracle HR/Payroll apps selection forced early upgrade of
  Oracle Financials to release 11i
Hardware Evaluation, Selection, and Implementation
      existing HP K570 server would not meet new requirements
      purchased 2 HP N4000 servers - one Test and one Production box
Focus on Oracle HR and Payroll applications

       Oracle Financials 11i Upgrade
Mirant Oracle Financials
      Implemented Financials 8.3 beginning last Qtr 1992
      Currently 225 Oracle Financials users located across U.S.
 Managing a 3 Ring Circus
      Ongoing Production Support for Financials 10.7 NCA and
       Character versions
      Backlog of Financials enhancement and customization requests
      Planning and executing the Oracle Financials 11i upgrade
Recognized need for external expertise
      Partnered with System Architechs to manage and execute the
       Financials 11i upgrade
       Oracle Financials 11i Upgrade
       Project Scope and Approach
Base software upgrade and retrofit of customizations
Limited deployment of new functionality
Freeze production environment for better manageability
Isolate Database and Applications upgrade
      Separate database upgrade using interoperability patches
      Allow stepped approach to migrate to new HP boxes
      Minimize outage window needed for upgrades
Financials 11i versions and release dates
      Production upgrade - Financials 11.5.2 - completed Mar. 12, 2001
       Oracle Financials 11i Upgrade
           Project Organization
Develop communication plan and identify stakeholders
Prepare documentation portfolio and archive folders
      project plan, customization documentation, change log, issue log,
       test scripts, training materials, etc.
Secure appropriate internal resources
Identify date for production upgrade - changed twice
External resources used:
      project manager, functional (2), technical (2), DBA (part-time)
      Approximately 2700 external resource man-hours to complete

      Oracle Financials 11i Upgrade
       Upgrade Assistant and EMM
Available on Oracle Metalink under Apps 11i Information
Excel file of all Category 1-6 upgrade steps
Mirant enhanced internally to identify relevant tasks and
 assign resources
Oracle’s EasiPath Migration Method (EMM) is an option - for
 a price

           Oracle Financials 11i Upgrade
           Upgrade Assistant Examples



       Oracle Financials 11i Upgrade
        Customization Management
Research infrastructure changes to determine impact
      Developed scripts to search sql scripts and reports
Developed customization workbook for recording impact,
 tracking changes and managing future change
Developed customization statistics summary for
 management reporting and monitoring progress to plan
Customization summary:
      86 sql scripts
      48 host/shell scripts
      7 forms
      69 reports
      16 extensions (packages, procedures, triggers)
      67 tables, 24 indexes, 19 views
Oracle Financials 11i Upgrade
  Customization Workbook

Oracle Financials 11i Upgrade
  Customization Statistics

       Oracle Financials 11i Upgrade
              Supplier Banks
Supplier banks no longer supported in 11i
Category 2 Payables pre-upgrade step #2:
      run apmsbrep.sql script
Review output for incomplete supplier banks
Fix incomplete records before running the upgrade
Oracle has patch 747306 to fix incomplete supplier banks
      Populates bank_number and branch_number with “UNKNOWN”
Mirant developed semi-automated process to fix all errors
      Loaded ABA banking information from third-party into temp table
      Developed scripts to cleanse incomplete supplier banks
      Manual updates to fix the leftovers
      Resulting in 100% accuracy                                        13
          Oracle Financials 11i Upgrade
                 Supplier Banks
How 10.x supplier banks are mapped to 11i:
      Bank Name
        po_vendor_sites.bank_number => ap_bank_branches.bank_name
        po_vendor_sites.bank_number => ap_bank_branches.bank_number
      Bank ABA Number
        po_vendor_sites.bank_num => ap_bank_branches.bank_num
        po_vendor_sites.bank_num => ap_bank_branches.bank_branch_name
      Bank Account Name
        po_vendor_sites_all.bank_account_name =>
      Bank Account Number
        po_vendor_sites_all.bank_account_num =>
      Missing link between suppliers and banks is ap_bank_account_uses_all
       Oracle Financials 11i Upgrade
Get trained on Workflow before the upgrade
Account Generator replaces Release 10 Flexbuilder
Document business rules for modified Flexbuilder rules
Generate accounts using Flexbuilder rules is an option in 11i
Workflow impact at Mirant:
      PO and requisition distribution accounts - we used the default
      PO and requisition approval process for notifications
      FA Generate Accounts - see next slide

     Oracle Financials 11i Upgrade
        FA Generate Accounts
New Assets concurrent process to create account
 combinations for each asset
Generates a plethora of accounts for each asset - whether
 used or not
Difficult to resolve problems - but there is a way
Profile option available to control number of workers to
 accelerate the process
First execution involves significant processing time
Process improved from 11.0.x to 11i - now it reports all
 errors to a log rather than reporting errors incrementally
Mirant added minor customization to FA generate accounts
       Oracle Financials 11i Upgrade
             ADI Spreadsheets
Research identified numerous versions of ADI deployed
Used Citrix solution to standardize single version
 throughout the company
Murphy’s Law appears...
ADI worksbooks have one hidden sheet for each sheet in the
      “CriteiraX” is the hidden sheet name, where X represents the sheet
       number in order from left to right
      Contains pointers to database that needed to be updated
Developed Excel macro to automatically update older
  workbooks - preserving precious time and energy
       Oracle Financials 11i Upgrade
Significant infrastructure changes in 11i on customers
Trading Community Architecture (TCA)/Customer Model
      Beware of the “TCA” patch - many problems in 11.5.2
Review Customer addendum from Metalink
      Apps 11i Information > Technical Articles, under Documentation
       heading for Financials select Accounts Receivable
      Two important documents to review:
      Oracle Receivables Customer Addendum Release 11i 276828
      Doc Addendum: Customer Find/Enter User Interface Update
       Oracle Financials 11i Upgrade
             Testing Strategy
Acceptance testing requires management support
How you manage it is another challenge
Establish dedicated facilities for acceptance testing
DO NOT limit the number of resources involved in testing
Perform upgrade simulations
      Mirant results: Alpha (weeks), Beta (days), Gamma (hours)
Keep copious notes organized and centralized
      Documents known issues at go-live
      Identifies custom post-upgrade steps

       Oracle Financials 11i Upgrade
         Preparing for Production
What Mirant did to support a successful upgrade to 11i:
      Developed milestones spreadsheet to calculate and estimate
       actual and revised completion times during the upgrade
      Organized two conference calls during the weekend to discuss
       progress and estimated completion time
      Established dedicated email address and phone number for
       reporting problems
      Staffed centralized problem tracking and resolution group
      Morning meetings with key stakeholders to discuss issues

     Oracle Financials 11i Upgrade
                I Wish...
The production date didn’t change twice
We had more resources assigned on acceptance testing
We upgraded to multi-org
HRMS didn’t create a new business group
We tested the Citrx/ADI solution outside the project team


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