ETEC VOLT Escalated Case

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					3Com ETEC ( fax +31 30 60 54396 )
Please complete and return:

General Problem Information

3Com Case Number:
3Com Product:
Short Description of Issue:

Details of 3rd Party (Vendor/Supplier):

Detailed Information

Adapter Information:
3Com Assembly Number:
Driver Name and Date of Creation:
DMA Channel:
IRQ Channel:
I/O Base Address::
RAM Buffer Address:

PC Hardware Information:
Machine Usage (e.g. Client/Server/Both):
PC & or MotherBoard Vendor:
Bus Type:

CPU Type:
CPU Speed:             Mhz
Number of CPUs:

BIOS Vendor:
BIOS Version:
Standard or High Speed:
Cache On or Off:
Amount of Memory:                 MBytes
Hard Disk Subsystem:
Other Adapters in PC:
Network Configuration (Hubs/Switches/Routers etc.):
PC Software Information:
Protocol Stack(s):
Application(s)/Services/Management with Version:

Please if possible provide a copy of Config Files (CONFIG.SYS,

Preliminary Diagnosis

Detailed Description of Issue / Symptoms:

List actions already tried:

Network Testing Equipment Used: