Cisco Virtual Private Network

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					                      Cisco Virtual Private Network
To access HSC network drives from off campus using HSC Computers and Laptops installed
with the HSC standard image.

Please close ALL of your open applications before installing this client. The PC will reboot itself
after the installation.

1. You will need to Download and Install the Cisco VPN Client:
       Go to
       Scroll down to the Security Header
               Select the VPN Clients and Instructions (Login Required) link
       Enter your Login (Logon as health\username) and Password in the appropriate text box.

       Select the appropriate Windows XP or Windows Vista link. Then:

               Select Run

               Select Run

               Select Extract

       After the VPN installation is complete the PC will re-boot itself.

2A. After restarting you will need to log on to your PC using the workstation only feature.

    (If your machine does not have the Novell Login Box then go to 2B.)

       If the PC is configured to log on with the Novell Screen.

               Select the Workstation Only text box (do not click on OK)

               Enter you User Name and Password

               Click on OK to Logon to the Workstation.
2B.    If the PC has been configured to logon to the workstation only

               Logon to the desktop.

3. To Logon and use the VPN client after installation:

        Go to the Start Menu, Click on All Programs, Click on VPN Client, then click on VPN
Client to start the application. The following dialogue box should appear.

       Make sure the HSC-VPN entry is highlighted and then click on the Connect Icon

       Enter your Novell Username/Password in the appropriate text box and click on OK.

        Once you have log on to the Cisco VPN the system will put a “yellow Lock” icon on the
task bar (bottom right hand side of your monitor) next to the date/time.
4.   Logon To Novell

       Right click the “Red” N on your taskbar on the lower right hand side of the monitor,

       Click on the first menu item “Netware Login”

       Log on to Novell.

When you are finished with access the Novell Network resources you should log off from the

Double Click the “yellow Lock” icon.

Select Disconnect.

The “yellow lock” icon will disappear. You are now logoff the VPN.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Library and Informatics Center User
Support Team at 272-1694 or