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									            Ideas for Classroom Video Projects

Wax Museum
Each student in class chooses a “famous” person to be in a wax museum. The student
uses a fact sheet to gather information about their subject. Students fill out a storyboard
about their subject. Students are videotaped dressed as their “famous” person. Pictures
or short video clips about their subject are also used in the final tape.
Third and fourth grade class, Lee’s Summit, MO

My Life
Students collect pictures of themselves growing up over several years. Students will
write a script including a short statement about each of the pictures. Each picture is then
videotaped or scanned. Students will then narrate their script with music playing about
each of the pictures.
Eighth grade class, Lee’s Summit, MO

American Revolutionary War
The teacher records onto Avio a number of clips videotaped at historical sites, a music
track or two, and a reading of the Declaration of Independence. With “raw material”
copied into the student projects, students may supplement with their own clips and
complete video projects of their own.

Where in the United States are we?
Each classroom creates a presentation about its city and state. The other classrooms,
using maps, the Internet, textbooks, and other resources, will try to 'guess' where all
classrooms are located.

Math Introduction to Variables and the Distributive Property
Students are introduced to variables in the context of using the menu from a fast food
restaurant Through the use of a little humor and the uncovering of a menu, the teacher
captures the interest of students by looking for the menu with "algebra" on it.

Pumpkin Patch
Videotape students working in a class pumpkin patch: planting seeds, measuring
pumpkin growth, cutting them off the vines, hauling them to the classroom, cutting the
pumpkins open, taking out the seed, creating jack-o-lanterns
Videotaped activities were then integrated into math and language lessons that included
counting, estimation, measuring, place value, and graphing
Kindergarten class, Birmingham, Alabama

Videotape students during important events during the school year.
Students sold dozens of these tapes and made enough money to buy new multimedia
equipment for the school.
Sixth grade, Birmingham, Alabama

River Walk
Videotape segments of students as they hiked along a riverbank near the school. They
were studying the environment, toxic waste, and pollutants.
Results were then mailed to local members of Congress and TV stations.
Presentations were made to parents and other classes.
Sixth grade, Birmingham, Alabama

Videotape students during a field trip to the zoo: taking notes, videotaping the animals,
recording the animal sounds.
Students create an electronic slideshow
Primary class, Trussville, Alabama

Weather Effects
Videotape students around their community using different seasons of the year.
The segments are spliced together to show the effect of weather and climate on plants,
animals, buildings, and human beings.
Fifth grade, Blue Earth, Minnesota

Native American Folk Tales
Videotape students designing props and backdrops using a computerized paint program.
Videotape students using popsicle-stick puppets to act out the story in front of the
computer backdrops.
Primary class, Trussville, Alabama

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