Theme 3 Week 2 by ugg51907


									Theme 4 Week 1

Which reference source would be best to look up
   the information: thesaurus, dictionary,
   telephone book, atlas, encyclopedia, or
1. how to pronounce “arboreal” _____________
2. another word for “famished” _____________
3. what language “amnesia” comes from ______
4. a picture of a galleon ____________________
5. the city located at 30°N latitude, 90°W longitude
Use this homophone pair in one sentence.(band, banned)
1. _____________________________________
Circle the preposition in this sentence.
2. He found the puppy under the porch.
Give another word that would belong in this group.
3. mauve              puce           indigo aqua
Correct these sentences.
4. did you ride on won of the paddle boats along the missouri
5. larry shouted look at that
Give an antonym for this word.
1. unique ______________________________
Which word is not spelled correctly?
2. they’re            thier         there          their
Does this word have a prefix or a suffix?
3. agreement ____________________________
Correct these sentences.
4. snails aphids and mites nibbled on the plants in aunt
     maybelles garden
5. we like hot whether we always goes to the beach to swim
What is the root or base word?
1. misbehaving __________________________
Simile or Metaphor?
2. Max can always fool us because he is as sly as a fox.
Circle the adverb in in this sentence.
3. Mr. Morris worked patiently with the new student.
Correct these sentences.
4. cherie thought i hope he choose me to bee in the play
5. sometimes i feels like playing with my friends a sometimes i
How many syllables are in each word?
1. intersection __________________________
2. occurring ____________________________
Write the pronoun that would replace the underlined
     words in this sentence.
3. That football belongs to Mark and me.
Correct these sentences.
4. you musnt play until after you done your chores
5. i may try out four soccer or i may join the track team

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